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Girl choking on a locket saved on the way to hospital by a pothole.

Laci Davis.
Laci Davis.

Some jokes really aren’t that funny after all…

Cincinnati, Ohio. An 8 year old girl had the misfortune of swallowing her heart shaped locket while tying her hair at school. It happened whilst a friend of hers was telling her a joke which caused her to swallow the locket she had momentarily placed in her mouth. Stuck in her throat and struggling to breathe she was immediately taken to a local medical center, St Elizabeth medical center.

Said Laci Davis:

‘It felt like something was stabbing me right in the middle of my chest,’

After x raying her and finding the locket stuck square in her esophagus doctors at the clinic fearing the worse ordered Laci to get to hospital immediately.

But then something happened on the way to the hospital. The sharp jabbing pains she was experiencing suddenly stopped. Apparently the ambulance she was riding in had driven over a pothole (yes who can stand them?) which had the effect of dislodging the locket out of her throat and into her stomach.

Before the journey to hospital, the locket was lodged in Laci's throat (left), but after a lucky run-in with a pothole, it moved to her stomach (right)

And how did the locket finally make its way out?

“It’s going to have to come out the old fashion way,” Davis said. “I’m just going to get a new necklace because I’m not going through that treasure.”

So much for friends and their jokes…




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