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Down and dirty with Eric Holness and the underground beat at Bedstuy.

Eric Holness

To the un- initiated the mere mention of Bedford Stuyvesant sends most people running for the hills and wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to trek out all the way from the city to deep Brooklyn. But that’s the initiated. Tell any of the underground artsy hipster voyeur kids and the eyes roll and for good reason- the enclave with its prewar brown stones and wide boulevards and quixotic cafes and restaurants portends to an aura of underground zest that one could have once found in NYC in the 80’s before the city became a hoili poili for bottle service and women for dollars and ghastly velvet ropes.

Thus my recent trek one Friday night which brought me to the tight-knit group as heralded by indie hip hop impressario and producer Eric Holness who with his crew  who were literally blowing the scene apart at Black Eagle Industries ( a wide hangar industrial loft with with high ceilings and amazing acoustics) where some of the most charismatic and kindred souls were seen blasting away into oblivion. (hip hop, rap, electronic,underground dance and some old school house).

To be sure we all danced way into the evening and for a moment I thought I was transported back to my youth back to the warehouse parties of Sydney Australia and East London that I so much adored.

Vibing and djing that night included RahZemos from Toronto (other vocal performer at the party) Low C from Mexico City (DJ for my performance and after) DJ Mr. Wiggles (DJ before performances) and probably the coolest unpretentious kids that I had come across in a whilst.

Bottle service? Fxck that shxt. This was the real thing. Thank you Eric for a stellar evening, as they say in the industry- these niggas were wild!

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