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Another ad banned, this time British designer, Drop Dead chastised for featuring emaciated model in bikini.


The ASA has banned yet another ad, after banning Marc Jacob’s ‘Oh Lola’ perfume already this week. This time it cited British retailer, Drop dead, for its choice of a visibly underweight model as ‘socially irresponsible.’

asa.org.uk: “In the bikini images her hip, rib and collar bones were highly visible. We also noted that in the bikini and denim shorts images, hollows in her thighs were noticeable and she had prominent thigh bones. We considered that in combination with the stretched out pose and heavy eye makeup, the model looked underweight in the pictures.”

To the average eye, it is clear that the model in question is vastly underweight and yet the question remains- what was the designer thinking when they chose to use this model ? It’s one thing to portray mock humor, irony but a model that is clearly exhibiting visible signs (at least to this author) of an overt eating disorder?

All of this raises more question as to the direction of the fashion industry, as it continues its reliance on risqué images to inspire presumably younger clients to part with their money and become loyal customers. After all it’s one thing to suggest the forbidden but its also another and preferable thing to suggest the sane, healthy and what most of us aspire to. Drug use, pedophilia, health disorders not this weekend thanks….

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  • how come i just saw that girl coming out of your apartment with white shit on her nose

  • Abbie

    i don’t think this is right*

  • Abbie

    she was chose to model it mostly because she was the designers girlfriend at the time. i don’t think this right though because if the model was overweight they wouldn’t be saying that they were promoting obesity. skinny and over weight people pretty much have the same problems.

  • this model is the ugliest ive ever seen

  • Peaches

    People need to fuck off Amanda; she was modeling a swimsuit for christ’s sake.

  • that model is so nasty…who wants to see that ish?

  • Daredevilpilot

    Well, the company is called Drop Dead