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Sergio Rodrigues, at Espasso, simply bon chic.


Sergio Rodrigues, famed furniture and interior designer was Espasso’s featured artist last week at a fete given by the high end coterie of thoughtful and innovative home decor and furnishings on his behalf. Inspired by his neighborhood Ipanema, Rodgrigues’ work is being featured in the basement of Espasso this month. Dealers, colleagues and friends of the designer collected together, to celebrate yet another decade of the artist’s critical success.

Oca, or the ‘laboratory for Brazilian furniture and handicrafts’, part boutique part studio, to which Rodrigues founded in 1955, became an essential element of Brazilian furniture evolution. Having adorned all sorts of hotels and residences, the artist now features his rosewood, chaises, jacaranda wood and sculptural masterpieces at the pioneering store for Brazilian furniture, Espasso. The famous Poltrona Mole chair with ottoman, amid decorative delights of the architecturally zen Tribeca gallery space have finally imported the Brazilian’s flare.

I have to confess, even I was tempted to sneak a long sit down session at the fete, and maybe I will in due course…

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