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It’s time to discover what a bruised and fatigued foot of a fashion model looks like at the end of Fashion month.


Being a high end fashion model on the runway circuit despite being as glamorous as it is often perceived also comes with some little talked caveats. What caveats you wonder?

Well let’s have a close look at the foot of Sojourner Morele (see above left) who managed to walk for a lot of the showings taking place back to  back from NYC, London,Milan and then Paris. As you can see after almost a month of thumping down the runway her feet looks pretty beat up- thanks to a courtesy of ill fitting heels and the constant to and fro of having to put on new shoes that she’s barely had a chance to break in.

All up, 14 shows, a gazillion castings, a couple of battered feet and a pocketful of money.

Who’s still up for being a runway model anyway? (pause) Hmm- seems like everyone rushed to put their hands up in a  hurry…what a girl is willing to suffer to be a fashion’s hot item.

For a look on some disaster feet I have taken the liberty of pasting images of other fellow models at the end of the Louis Vuitton showing in Paris. See what you think…


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  • Helen

    The bruised, tortured feet is the least of a models worries. Behind the scenes that you practically never hear about is all the sexual assault that a real model goes through. It is actually a really ugly world. There was a documentary released on the modeling world by an ex-model who wanted to expose its ugly side and made it into a movie.
    Sara Ziff’s Picture Me Documentary Uncovers Sexual Assault in the Modeling World:
    Also google “Terry Richardson complaints” and you will get an example of how photographers, famous, mind you, get away with all sorts of degrading, disgusting deeds.