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Ex militia man kills eight on a shooting spree targeting ex wife.


Images source: dailymail.co.uk .Scott Dekraai

The preferred choice of adjudicating unresolved grievances…

Havoc. Pandemonium. Somewhere in Orange county where life is always pleasant and well to do people come with all year round sun tans. An attempt to soothe a bruised ego. Finger flustered.Inside, unsuspecting men and women at the Salon Meritage hair dressing salon are pruning and smiling. Door slamming, and then just like that bullets splaying courtesy of one Scott Dekraai bent on vengeance, bent on getting at what he sees as the truth, bent on paying back that ‘bitch’ that ruined his life.

9 shot, 8 dead. Good work if you can get it, but then again Scott Dekraai is an ex militia man with a deadly aim and now he’s beating a hasty retreat on a local freeway. Foreign blood spilled all over his pants. Whether he knows it or not at the time, his murder spree will later become the biggest story in the country. But then again, he will have eternity to think about that once the cops catch up to him a quarter mile up the road….

It all began in Mr Dekraai’s mind and probably before that when the judge presiding over his and his ex wife (Michelle Dekraai‘s ) custody battle over their 7 year old son awarded custody to the mother. And perhaps ironically we can all now see why, except that is for Mr Dekraai, who now has a few things to sort out…

Who could reason what was going on in Mr Dekraai’s mind as he stood there in front of the salon, dressed in body armor (yes he had come fully prepared for battle, because life is always a battle…),seething, hurt, humiliated and robbed of his manhood,his child, his wife and his self respect. One could wonder. And just like that, Mr Dekraai focuses on the impending carnage infront of him, laying desperate bullets in a fast forward motion, like all the other action heroes in his life. Cause he at least was that in his mind, even if the courts thought otherwise. Job done and now where?

Who could imagine what was going on in Mr Dekraai’s mind as the police suddenly pull over. Their guns raised at his. Their expressions of stupor to find a shirtless Mr Dekraai with a bounty of weapons alongside him. Battle was Mr Dekraai had intended and that is what he came for.

And just like that one quiet well to do seaside town, Seal Beach in South California is wrapped in a cataclysmic episode of dementia, shock, horror, stupor, mirroring that of Mr Dekraai’s mind and who can know what to think as the blood stains seep their way through with the rest of the nation looking on with action man awe…



  1. Scallywag,
    In general, these criticisms are short sighted, dull and simple minded. They don’t appear to have hurt your feelers in the least (bravo). Here’s mine – I appreciate your spin and will watch for more. The art of being a ‘cunning linguist’ and ‘master debater’ take daily practice.

  2. I have to agree with those criticizing this article. It’s clear that this comes from the point of view that guns are some sort of supernatural talisman of evil that only crazed middle aged white men with few prospects in life and even fewer inches to their manhood dream about using on their poor female and/or minority victims. Clearly we don’t know what his motivations were though we can guess that he reached some sort of breaking point. We have no idea whether he was a ‘wacko’ before this occurred – to suggest so underscores a gross lack of understanding about what can break people psychologically and send them over the edge.

  3. “I get it and I like it. Keep it up Scallywag but keep in mind, the “99%” are not intellectuals. Scary world.”

    Scary world indeed if you are suggesting this article can only be understood by “intellectuals” such as yourself. Also, your cliche misuse of “the 99%” will surely generate some laughs at your expense.

  4. For a website trying to pitch itself as some kind of high brow social commentary there is an incredible lack of quality here. Add the snarky, condescending responses by the “author” of this piece in the comments and you have to wonder if they expect or even want return visitors.

  5. I get it and I like it. Keep it up Scallywag but keep in mind, the “99%” are not intellectuals. Scary world.

  6. Journalism needs more cynicism when it comes these types of events. Good article. F**cking F**cked up event.

  7. “Foreign blood spilled all over his pants.”
    Post picture of arrested perpetrator in non-bloodstained pants.
    LOL. How did I get to this article?!

  8. WTF is this? How could you possibly understand the mind of this guy, and why would you write it as such? I have to concur with many of the responses; not the first comment where the writer wants the author to “… kill yourself.”

  9. Scallywag- none of us are psychologists, so let’s not pretend to know what was going through this guy’s mind. This is meant to be a news article, not an expose on the thoughts of a killer. The author also writes as if it were a story unfolding….why? Even then, it’s poorly written.

    “9 shot, 8 dead. Good work if you can get it, but then again Scott Dekraai is an ex militia man with a deadly aim and now he’s beating a hasty retreat on a local freeway…” What a joke. First and last time I visit this site.

  10. J-dog, are you suggesting this guy should have had custody of his kids? The reason he didn’t is that he is a crazy wacko.

  11. The tone you take with this article is completely off-base. Your callous attempt at insightful commentary is shortsighted and off-putting. I can only guess how huge your ego must be to make such assumptions about the suspect, the victims and your perpetuation of Orange County stereotypes.

  12. I understand the intention of the author, here. Create a piece that’s more than just a written account of this tragic incident. Something that might be a little more interesting to read than your average news article. I get that. Still, I think it fell short of that. Far short. There are a lot of grammar errors which is not very becoming of a news web site who might want to be taken seriously among its readers.

    I do take issue with the comment suggesting the author kill himself just because he wrote a poor article. Maybe you were just “throwing words out there” or something, I don’t know, but it was a terrible, awful thing to say. We don’t have to like the article. We’re entitled to that. But I think it’s totally out of line to suggest that ANYONE go “kill themselves” just because the article they wrote is bad. What a horrible thing to say to someone. “You wrote a piece of crap article, so quit your job and KILL YOURSELF.” How could you possible consider yourself a nice person when you suggest to someone that they should kill themselves because you didn’t like something they did?

  13. Sorry, but any guy who has lost his child through the court system understands what happened. Who is to judge who gets a child between to biological parents? And has anyone had 40 to 50 percent of their check go to child support and feel like a man especially during a recession. And why does alimony even exist, it the 21st century and woman are liberated.

  14. Nope, Karel is right. This is a REALLY bad article, the writer has no journalistic integrity what-so-ever. This isnt a novel, it’s a news story.

    “Battle was Mr Dekraai had intended and that is what he came for.” <—- that doesn't make ANY sense, and that is one of MULTIPLE errors in this story. The Editor….?

    If you want to write an opinion stick to Facebook.

  15. Couldn’t get past your lede re: “South Orange county.” Seal Beach is the northernmost coastal town in Orange County and simply nowhere near “Southern” Orange County. If you can’t use a map or properly capitalize geographical locations, how can we possibly trust you to get anything else right? Seven words into your piece, you lost all credibility. Better luck next time. A writing/reporting class wouldn’t hurt.

  16. Perhaps if we try and focus on what went on inside Mr Dekraai’s head we can arrive closer to an understanding of how this horrible crime came to be…

    The Editor- Scallywag.

  17. This is the WORST article I have ever read, whatever you did before this job, please return to it. your perspective in view of this tragedy is tragic, I can’t even imagine what went through your head when you sat down to write this.

  18. The person that committed this heinous act, yes. But also you, shit bag. Never have I seen someone spew such random bullshit with such authority. There are at least 10 ridiculously inaccurate “facts” in your “report”. What if by some inexplicable random chance one of these victims family members actually had to rely on your shitty reporting for their information.
    Do yourself a favor: check your facts, leave the reporting to the people that at least pretend to uphold some sense of integrity in their words, quit your fake job, and kill yourself.

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