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Actress is suing film industry website IMDB because she feels she will be discriminated against now that her real age has been revealed.


An as of yet unidentified actress has lodged a one million dollar lawsuit against Amazon because they revealed her age on the film industry website IMDB by using her personal details from her credit card and thus by doing so, the actress is now arguing this has prejudiced her from auditioning for certain roles.

Piqued, the woman is alleging fraud, breach of contract and violation of her private life, as well as her consumer rights. Legitimate concerns on principle.

Yet where her grievances become dubious in this author’s eyes is the fact that the un named actress, of apparent popular repute and said to be 42 years of age, of Asian descent and originally from Texas is claiming that by giving away her age, Amazon have effectively castrated any further working opportunities as she describes herself, as an ‘up and coming actress.’ Until now the actress who is said to exude a youthful appearance was able to audition for parts much more younger than her actual years, parts that so often demand the presence of young females. But now because her age is plain for all to see (IMDB for their part have refused to cede to her demands that her age be hidden) the actress is essentially claiming that she has been hijacked of her livelihood.

What strikes this author as particularly odd and duplicitous is had the actress, who for the time being is going as Jane Doe had instead being going as John Doe surely her claims of being deprived further working opportunities would be laughed out of court.

On some level one has to wonder if her claims are akin to saying, if a man only had breasts and youth he’d be a perennially kept chanteuse, thus affording him the luxury of not having to navigate some uncomfortable real world circumstances. Yet in this instance we are asked to believe that because the actress is a woman the revelation of her age has made her suddenly rot and unworkable and yet if a man were to dare make the same argument, that for instance he was only 23 instead of 35 as his marketed image purports him to be, which is the market where most male acting roles exist he’d be categorically laughed out of court for daring to make such assertions of lost income opportunities, and yet because a woman is making this claim we are to take her seriously and publish her story across the whole media landscape.

Granted it is true women who approach the age of 40 and beyond are sometimes passed over by casting agents, employers, suitors and what not, because of their particular demands, aspirations or job description requirements. Yet by the same token, men are also passed over by some prospective women should they happen to find out if he is not a man of large means. That said, from what I understand of life, that does not allow a man to then go to court and claim a lawsuit against the entire opposite sex for depriving him potential sex and love. (Could one imagine?)

As day to day realities show, there are a lot of prejudices that all of us have to navigate, but suing an outlet because one’s age has now been divulged is as I have reiterated tantamount to a middle aged man griping about having to get a 9-5 job because he doesn’t happen to be a 22 year old sex kitten being bid on by for her affections with a variety of Black Amex cards. Either way, let’s hope this woman’s talents shine and allow her to get the roles she aspires to, cause last time I looked there were quite a few actresses over the age of 40 doing quite well for themselves thank you very much!




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