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Woman refuses to take off hijab, 50 cops waiting to arrest her.

Muslims pray outside Playland after 15 arrested Tuesday. Credit: Renea Henry

what we should instead applaud is a culture that enforces its own preferred version of aesthetics and rules even with degrees of violence? Or is it simply a situation that if you refuse to abide by the rules then you should bear the consequences?

According to one witness, the Muslim woman was on the ground trying to hold her garment down when other members of the group came to her aid.

Ali said when some of the men in the group saw that women were being hit, they came over and objected and they were also struck by the police officers and arrested, including Ali’s brother.

But here lies the added contention: From their vantage point, on Tuesday afternoon, law enforcement, both park rangers and county police, acted aggressively and excessively, subduing and beating a woman as she lay on the ground and roughing up others who tried to defend her, though Westchester County Parks Deputy Commissioner Peter Tartaglia said on Tuesday afternoon he had not heard of such an incident taking place.

Should we be at all surprised that authorities reacted as ardently as they did as is usual when one of their own is harmed or put in harm’s way? But then again how should one contain a phalanx of agitated protestors? Which raises another issue whether the reach of the law sometimes goes too far…but a cursory look around America these days has seen a marked denigration of our civil liberties- for our own safety of course…

But perhaps this comment from Tartaglia could be justified to underscore the severity of what was actually at stake:

tpmmuckracker: Tartaglia said the park had the policy for three years, and it didn’t specifically single out Muslims. “We told them several times we have what we call a headgear policy, meaning there are certain rides where you can’t wear headgear of any sorts,” he said, adding: “If you have a scarf on, you could be choked.”

Ultimately one has to wonder about the lack of compassion and understanding, simmering subdued hostilities and notions of what being a Muslim represents and if there is some sort of inherent prejudice both on the part of the Muslims towards Western society (as some would argue they have failed to truly adopt Western virtues) and vice versa. But certainly turning to violence as a last resort can only continue in disengaging a part of culture that ought to find some harmony.

So much for dragon and roller coaster rides…


Muslim woman sues ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ after being fired for wearing religious headscarf to work.



  1. “If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head”
    The NEW Testament 1 Corrinthians 11:3-6

  2. I live in Rye. I jog past there every day.
    First of all, there are ALWAYS a lot of officers at Playland. Any idea how big that park and the beach and Edith Read sanctuary are?
    Second, this was a set up, right from the beginning. Playland has had several ride-related deaths in the past couple of years, most recently last year. Playland is very very very upset about that, and the park is operating at a deficit. It has been a difficult year for the Park, and the very last thing they want is another death. These people were told–repeatedly– and in advance, that no headgear (and that includes baseball caps, sparky) would be allowed on certain rides. No one, not even the gangsta types, ever refuse to comply. The women were offered a refund. What then is the issue?

    Face it, this was all about muslims wanting to make a stink and trying to pull sympathy toward themselves. They started a fight amongst themselves to get that attention, and then turned it around to make it look like the police did something wrong. They didn’t do anything wrong, and the scheme backfired. Look up the words dhimmitude and takiyya.

    Dhimmitude and takiyya is what this is all about. And while you’re at it, read the five pillars of islam. Then talk to me about any part of this farce being real.

  3. Rap was that there was a fight within the group – 2 park rangers went over and then were attacked and spit on and injured. Police call went out “2 men down” etc., and MSA group members attacked police. Police arrived in bulk (3000 member strong group? I’d bring in 400 cops). Police then arrested and wrestled to ground when needed. MAS was setting this up for a CAIR lawfare suit. other stuff as well, but before you editorialize, get your facts straight. I try to – the above is consensus from articles and blogs and vids.

    Spitting on cops and attcking them? and then claiming “brutality and discrimination”/ get real.

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