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Woman crashes car through home, kills resident, leads police to marijuana cocaine bust


An unfortunate series of events led to the death of one Chicago roommate and the arrest of another, all because some woman’s accelerator got stuck when she was pulling out of a driveway.

28-year0old Zachary Isenberg and 27-year-old Thomas Micucci were on the couch playing video games Saturday afternoon when they heard a noise outside across the street.  Isenberg stood up to check things out.  Then comes Patricia Dolton in her Mercury Marquis, crashing through a telephone pull, then right through the wall of their home.  Isenberg was pinned underneath the vehicle.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

As if that freak accident wasn’t enough, then there came this twist: while Micucci was at the hospital mourning his friend’s death, police were investigating the house for further victims. Opening a locked door, they found 13 marijuana plants, half an ounce of cocaine, a ton of cash and an illegal firearm.  Poor Micucci was charged with a boat load of felonies.

I tell ya: one minute your playing Xbox with your roommate, getting high on a lazy Saturday, the next some crazy woman drives through your house, kills your friend, and opens that can of worms in your closet.  What are we supposed to do with that, caulk it up to happenstance?  I hope for Micucci’s sake, he got to see this Patricia Dolton one more time to personally thank her for wrecking his life.  If it wasn’t for her meddling car, he would have been slumped on the couch still, wondering how to be a more productive member of society, then forgetting all about it.  In Micucci’s case, things have a way of happening to him, it seems, without him even making the slightest effort.