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Monkey’s dog attack leads to crossbow kill


This headline, ripped from the Phnom Penh Post, outlines quite a narrative in such an economical use of words that I had to use it verbatim.  It comes to me by way of Anorak News, who decided to run the small news item verbatim themselves.  Allow me to lay out the events of cause and effect in time.

Initially, it was a 25-year-old man hunting with a friend last Tuesday in Kratie Snuol district. Then, a presumably wild monkey attacked the partner’s dog, so the 25-year-old, rather than try to save the canine, went ahead and ate it.  When the partner saw this happening, he shot him dead with a crossbow.  It is unclear how the police got involved, but the capsule article says the partner confessed to the crime immediately.

My god, if stories like this only warrant a short few lines, I need a subscription to the Phnom Penh Post pronto.  However, I myself would be hesitant to attribute narrative agency to the monkey, as in, “Monkey’s dog attack leads to… .”  But, heck, that damned monkey sure set off a chain of events.

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