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If I can raise a billboard advocating love for god, why can’t I get one up that chooses not to acknowledge him either?


What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

Have a close look at the above billboard ad and reflect on what you see. Seems innocuous right? No swear words, nothing derogatory to women, gays, lesbians or to people of minority backgrounds. Nevertheless somehow the message ‘you don’t need God- to hope, to care, to love, to live didn’t go down too well with EMC Outdoor in Knoxville, Tennessee who declined to raise it.

On the surface the ad makes a simple statement which asserts an individual’s right to live life as they see it without having to fall back on God. It doesn’t say God is bad, he’s a joke, he’s  a part time pimp or that in fact he doesn’t exist. Whether he exists or not is always left to the viewer to interpret.

Nevertheless the ad was deemed “too offensive to a large percentage of Knoxville residents.”

Can you figure out why? No neither can we, but then again, if I were to take a guess maybe it would involve the notion that some Christians are perplexed by the idea that if you try hard enough, you can love, hope, care or just generally be your own person devoid of God in the background.

Perhaps the ad would have went up if instead it said the following:

“The devil is always looking for those of you who are not capable of loving, caring or hoping.”

The implied message being that such virtues are only the sole provence of the lord.