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Fashion photographer Steven Klein set to exhibit in Sao Paulo’s, Brazil’s Museum of Sculpture August 10, 2011.

Justin Timberlake.
Angelica Jolie and Brad Pitt

On August 10th, 2011, as part of the fifth edition IGUATEMI Photo Series, contemporary fashion photographer Steven Klein will exhibit a selection of 60 works at MuBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, Sao Paulo). There will be an opening celebration for 800 ppl on the 10th and the exhibition will run from Aug 11th-28th.

Details on the exhibition:

Curated by renowned fashion producer Chico Lowndes, the exhibition will feature 30 large-scale works and 30 original Polaroid shots culled from Klein’s oeuvre. On display will be images of Madonna, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie and Justin Timberlake, amongst others, offering a rare opportunity for viewers to witness the work of the celebrated American artist. In their typically transgressive, erotic and lyrical nature, the pictures subvert conventional notions of contemporary celebrity portraiture and blur the boundaries between art and fashion photography.

Tom Ford.

The Iguatemi Photo Series is a cultural initiative sponsored by Iguatemi Sao Paulo, part ofthe largest chain of luxury shopping centers across Brazil, that aims to present the public with photography that goes beyond journalistic witnessing, beyond the iconographic register of classic photography, and beyond its value as a medium to show its importance as a contemporary cultural expression. Iguatemi Photo Series at MuBE has previously sponsored the critically acclaimed exhibitions A Message for you, by Guy Bourdin, Heaven and Hell – Beauties and Disasters by David LaChapelle and Chop off their heads, by John Rankin.

Madonna and Jesus Luz.
Justin Timberlake.