Home Scandal and Gossip Woman beats up her grandson because he ate too much bacon.

Woman beats up her grandson because he ate too much bacon.


Are you ready for a healthy beating?

Seems like some grandmothers are taking exception to their seemingly over the top behavior of their grandchildren. Case in point: this week past, 63 year old Marilee Ann Kolynych is accused of beating her grandson up and pinning him to the floor and hosing his face with a garden hose- all because she was incensed that in her mind the young boy ate too much bacon.

Reports cbsnews: Clifton Heights police say Kolynych was angry at her grandson because she believed he ate too much bacon that morning and didn’t leave enough for everyone else.

As absurd as this may all sound, one has to wonder if grandma jumped the gun when she came down on the 9 year old boy. Sure the boy might be a little glutton and for all we know downs a trifecta of bacon every morning in front of mom and dad, but beating him up at the table and then hosing him in the face can only expose grandma as being the real fool hardy omnivore. But then again, if the events are any guise can you really blame the boy for behaving the way he did- it seems the bad form just well may be hereditary.

In the interim grandma is being held on $25 000 bail.

Anyone for a side of grits with that bacon?