Home Scandal and Gossip Man high on pot steals ambulance parked outside raging house fire.

Man high on pot steals ambulance parked outside raging house fire.

'I will always be in the mood for a joyride...bixches.'

All Travis Ward wanted was a joy ride.

Travis Ward will soon be going infront of the judge to explain how much of the good shit which invariably either gave him the courage or clouded his judgement he had when he tried to steal an ambulance that was parked outside a raging house fire and which had its engine running.

Offered Police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson, the ambulance’s engine was left running so as to keep it cool for anyone seeking medical care.

And of course in some way our hero Travis was indeed in need of some medical care, but fortunately for him he was able to tend to his medical needs by having already smoked up some of the good shit, which then saw him itching for some extracurricular fun.

A few smashed cars, broken posts and a few blocks later Mr Ward finally came out of the ambulance where police were happy to escort him to a safer confine- the jail house.

Shouldn’t you be smoking the good shit and going for the occasional joy ride too when the world is burning itself to the ground too?


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