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Two F-16’s sent to escort United Airlines flight after 2 passengers fight over reclining chair.

Two F-16s had to be scrambled from Andrews Air Base to escort the United flight in

A long haul United Airlines flight at Dulles Airport (file photo), similar to the one force to make an emergency landing on Sunday evening

The airways are becoming very very dizzy…

It just doesn’t get any better any better than this. That said, fasten your seat belts and please be sure not to cause a ruckus with the passenger sitting directly behind you. Seriously….or else.

dailymail.co.uk: A United Airlines flight was forced into a dramatic emergency landing that cost the taxpayer thousands after two passengers started a fistfight over a reclined seat, it has emerged.

Fighter jets were scrambled with two F-16s escorting Flight 990 as it dumped fuel to lessen its weight in order to land on Sunday night.

The Boeing 767, from Washington’s Dulles Airport bound for Accra in Ghana, had 144 people on board when the fight broke out, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said.

Before we continue on our merry flight pause to consider how many times you yourself have had some ignoramus adjust their seat halfway down your face and wonder what course of action you would possibly take as the originally vertical shaft inches closer and closer down your tonsils?

Government officials confirmed that fighter jets were scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

United spokesman Mike Trevino said Tuesday that the Boeing 767 dumped fuel as a safety precaution to lighten its weight on landing.

The Washington Post, which first reported the incident, reported that the fight began not long after takeoff when a passenger lowered his seat and a passenger behind him objected.

One immediate idea that comes to mind is gently gaining the individual’s attention, whose seat it is that is disturbing us and ask if it were at possible that they could make amends. A second option might involve garnering the attention of an air steward and seeing if they could intercede on your behalf and then again another option may involve attaining permission to change seats once your plane has garnered sufficient altitude or in the off chance you are in the position to do so- simply fly in business or first class where passengers are spared such inconveniences. But in the event if all else fails- a great big wallop and a fisty cups fight might be your next best option…as was the case here.

Not long after that one passenger lowered his seat – presumably intending to attempt to doze off for the 5,000-mile flight that a fistfight ensued.

And what of the fellow passengers and crew who by now must have been startled our of their slumber?

A flight attendant and another passenger intervened, and the pilot – who has full authority over a flight once it is in the air – decided to turn the plane around.

A United spokesman told the Washington Post that the pilot made that decision rather than carry on as he was unsure of the scope of the problem.

Two F-16s had to be scrambled from Andrews Air Base to escort the United flight in

But it only got better.

Seeing as we live in a post Sept 11 climate, air traffic controllers and the pilot thought it best especially as they were still in the periphery of possible terrorist targets surrounding Washington DC to ask for the escort of 2 F 16’s nervously making their way towards the challenged United Airlines Flight. Which is to say if this was a tragicomedy one would be forgiven if they suddenly burst out in hysterical laughter. But unfortunately this is reality and reality in such situations merits extreme nervous reactions…

The flight was met at the airport by members of the Dulles police force – not the FBI – and, despite the drama, officers decided there was no need to press charges.

Isn’t it pleasant to know that what you may assume to be a dreary long distance flight can sometimes turn out to be one of the most exciting flights one can possibly be privy too?