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The stakes just got higher. Judge rules America’s favorite baby murderer is fit to stand trial.


Is the body language of contrition?

She was arrested in July 2008 after her mother, Cindy Anthony, became suspicious of her stories as to Caylee’s whereabouts.

Anthony told her mother that the little girl was with a nanny but, when challenged further by her mother and law enforcement, claimed that Caylee had been kidnapped by the nanny.

The nanny later turned out to be non-existent – one of several ‘imaginary friends’ that Anthony dreamed up, Mr Baez has admitted to the court.

At the start of the trial last month, Anthony’s defence again changed as Mr Baez claimed that Caylee had actually drowned accidentally in the family’s pool on June 16, 2008, but that the child’s mother had covered it up out of fear.

At this rate the whole trial has become an ad revenue maker for tabloids and tv stations alike as the nation tunes in incredulous as to the on goings of this disfuctional family which on some level replicates the many disfunctional families that are out there in the first place.

With legal scholars turning to law books as to whether Ms Anderson is indeed fit to stand trial, or whether her defense team should file an insanity defense portends to the myriad of possibilities and vexing developments in the latest loop of events.

One thing though is for sure, Americans are getting their money’s worth in this made for TV drama even if Casey Anthony has yet to completely understand that she is by defacto the new star of media whoredom– but we’ll have to wait and see what story she concocts for us next week…

Or is this the body language of contrition?


  1. I went to high school with Casey Anthony and we’re all laughing at her at every party. We know she’s been stalking our facebook accounts. She’s soooo lonely. She creates fake screen names on facebook and tries to talk to her ex boy friends. Casey Anthony all your ex high school friends are laughing at you… WE SURE DID LAST NIGHT. HAHA YOU BABY KILLER YOU’LL NEVER FIT IN ANYWHERE….

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