Home Nightlife Pride 2011- A DEBAUCHED RECOLLECTION


Photography by John Wenrich. At Kenny Scharf's party.

This past pride weekend was one of the most epic prides to date.  With parties all over the city and plenty of roof decks to watch the parade from this editor had one gay old time!

The weekend started off on friday at Kenny Scharfs Cosmic Cavern in Williamsburg.

Kenny, legendary artist known for having one of the wildest parties in Williamsburg (as long as your in the know) did manage to muster the queens amongst us.  The main room was a blacklight instillation with the walls covered in found objects painted neon then glued, taped, and or drilled into the walls.  Probably the craziest dance party I have ever been to in the hood (up until that point) the crowd was an interesting mix.  From rolling Fratties and Sororstitutes, to adults (presumably Kenny’s friends) and their kids to everything in between.  Luckily as the night drove on into the wee hours the crowd thinned out to only the most fabulous gay men.

Artist Michael Alan, tucked away on the corner was creating a live sculpture with paint on a model covered in a found object costume.  Obviously it didn’t take long for the party goers themselves to start getting painted, myself included.

The event continued into the night and came to an anti climactic end around sunrise.

After working off my hangover all day saturday I was ready for another night of gay parties.  Little did I know that I was going to be attending the largest completely gay warehouse party I have ever been to.  Celebrating their Pride party at public assembly the Spank guys really turned it out.  Upon my arrival there where over 250 people waiting down and around the block to get in.