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Nouriel Roubini wants to know if you made it to his marathon party at his triplex penthouse this weekend?

Nouriel Roubini to the right.

Nouriel Roubini to the right.

How much blow caffeine do you need to take to keep up with Nouriel?

Kids-I have to confess I’m just blushing at the thought of missing Nouriel’s latest uber party where young pubescent models got to hang out with Nouriel, his lawyer friends and all those chop shop boys who swing big bats when they’re normally at work deconstructing Black Scholes theory and out of the money straddles on Chinese rattle snakes.

businessinsider: “Dr. Doom,” NYU professor Nouriel Roubini, took a break from his predictions of economic calamity to throw one of his famous parties at his sprawling East Village triplex penthouse Saturday. Roubini invited a crowd of models, lawyers and creative types to his pad, which is big enough to hold a world economic summit and boasts a new, giant Jacuzzi on the roof terrace. Guests greeted by an upbeat-looking Roubini at the 14-hour bash—which started at noon with a dip in the model-packed Jacuzzi—included Sean Stone, director son of Oliver Stone, prominent lawyers Richard Conn Jr. and David Hryck, former CNBC journalist and MDC Partners’ Ash Bennington and Roubini’s stunning girlfriend, Micca Wang.

Kids- just about every name reads like a who’s who of the golden carrot consortium- ‘I have a big house, and a wad of money in my pocket, and you happen to be a Russian model. Very interesting.’

In fact last time I looked out the fire escape, everyone was a Russian model, which means only more yummy for funny Roubini.

While only some got the memo that the dress code was “Carmens & Matadors,” all were treated to a live performance of the opera orchestrated by Or Movement’s Shai Baitel. Roubini told us, “People know me as Dr. Doom, but as you can see, I really like to enjoy life.”

Kids- it’s true, this bitch really enjoys life. So remember, if you happen to be a Russian model or just a plain gold digger be sure to get yourself on Nouriel’s next guest list- I sure intend to. Blah!

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