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Male Models don’t really impress us after all.


What does it take to be a male model? Judging by the video below- courtesy of styleite- not pretty much, except for a lean physique and a cascade of awkward expressions. But then again what where you expecting from 20 something old boys who’ve been asked to put on the guise of the uberman. A myth if you care to believe in one.

GUYS FROM FORD SUMMER 2012 from 4×5 on Vimeo.

styleite: Photographer Rafael Costa shot the group of nine guys(Ford Models hired to walk during the spring/summer 2012 runway shows in Brazil), taking their clothes off in black and white, and set the whole thing to the tongue-clicking section of Drop It Like It’s Hot. Except most these dudes look so uncomfortable that there’s really nothing hot about the video at all. It’s almost as though their only instructions were to show off how flat their stomachs are, then prove they can effectively convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Just a depiction of our desire for the superficial and immortal or just another clever marketing campaign that hardly raises our eyelids.

Don’t you wish you could be a male model too?

Reflections of a former male model.