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Kate Moss wants to break down how she will spend $800 000 on her 3 day wedding party next Friday.


The entertainment other than the blow and grog:

Moss has been treating her reception more like a music festival than a, well, a wedding reception. The Daily Mail reports that Moss and her legion of wedding guests will be entertained by Snoop Dog and Carl Barat, who used to be in The Libertines with Kate’s ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. Also rumored to perform? Oh, just Beth Ditto, Iggy Pop and Dame Shirley Bassey.

Kids- that alone must be worth at least worth $20. Great line up really- of course it will be fun to read up the next morning if Pete Doherty, Kate’s ex, ends up getting in a brawl with the St Ritz waiters. Personally I wouldn’t be upset if he did. I know, I live for show and tell…

And the take home gift bags:

Word has it Moss’s assistant Fiona Young has been on the phone with virtually ever public relations account executive in Great Britain, trying to get items to fill the “Oscars-style” gift bags that will be given out at the end of the weekend. So far, she’s gotten Mulberry and a few cosmetics brands to put things in the bags. She’s also organized a beauty tent at on the grounds of Moss’s house, where guests will be able to get their nails done and have a massage.

Kids- let’s be honest, even if you can’t stand or adore this fashion icon- she’s really going to end up having a major A OK time and if there is any way you can get your pretty self over to Kate’s hawt mess- we promptly advise you to do so.

Don’t you wish you were an iconic fashion whore too?



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