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Arkansas Scientologists Can No Longer Legally Harass Whomever They Please

Squirel productons

Squirrel Buster productons

Mark Rathbun, vocal critic of the Scientology after he left his official post in the “Church,” noticed cultish figures filming his every move.  The Mayor of Ingleside on the Bay promptly passed an ordinance requiring film crews to obtain a permit before they start stalking people.

Ingleside Index: According to documents obtained by the County Attorney’s office, “On April 18 four individuals donning blue shirts with the name ‘Squirrel Buster Productions,’ as well as a squirrel with Rathbun’s face superimposed on it under a strikeout symbol, and fitted with video cameras around their heads knocked on the door of Rathbun’s home, which was opened and promptly shut by him.  Rathbun reopened the door, holding his own camera to capture the event.

One of the men then introduced himself as John Allender and demanded that Rathbun show his “Meter” and “PC Folder.”  Rathbun asked the crew to leave the property, but the crew continued to film and taunt him.  Frustrated, Rathbun yanked a microphone away from a crewmember who asked for it back, which Rathbun eventually returned.

“Squirrel Buster Productions?”  These creeps are certainly creative with their covers.

They also stop at nothing: after the initial incident, the crew unsucessfully filed criminal charges against Rathbun, tried to rent his neighbor’s apartment, then settled for a house down the street, then took to filming him on board a pattleboat behind his house.  Finally, the mayor stepped in, making it illegal for the Squirrel Busters to harass Rathbun.

Do not underestimate Scientologists, though: While Rathbun is grateful to the City of the Ingleside on the Bay for their concern and help, he feels the ordinance would probably not be effective.

“$500 is like chump change to these guys.  And if they do violate the ordinance, they’ll get a different crew, a different identity.”

Say what you will of Scientology, one has to wonder what type of religion goes out of its way to spy on ex members and what this on a whole has to say about organized cult figures? But maybe that’s maybe half the allure of being a scientologist?

So much for being crafty…



  1. What about the Arkansas Scientologists? You are reposting an article from Marty Rathbun’s blog which was also posted in the Village Voice and Rolling Stone’s website. Your titile is about Arkansas Scientologists not Texas Scientologists. I don’t get the connection. Can you expand on what will stop the Arkansas Scientologists from harrassing ex-Scientologists and reporters?

  2. As a 20 year ex-member of Scientology I can tell you harassing ex members is a “standard policy” of the church. Scientology’s greatest threat is “Free Speech.” They do all they can to silence those who speak the truth of what is really happening inside Scientology.

  3. This kind of harrassment as well as lying about it being actions of the “church” is simply standard operating procedure for this cult. The history of this nefarious organization is horrendous. Some day, an administration with real balls will call their bluff and cancel their status as a religion. They are an organised criminal organisation of a very devious kind.

  4. This cult is like any other totalitarian organization. They’re just like the Communists and Nazis. All three used thugs and violence to get their way. If scientology was a country is would be North Korea.

    To see OT3 in living color, go to: http://www.xenu.net. Scroll down all the way to the bottom where it says, “Always remember to Laugh.” Click on “South Park Takes On Scientology.” Let it ramp up and enjoy the show. What you will be see for free is what members pay six figures for. Why do they keep so secret (even though it’s know commonly know)? Because if they told you from the start what they actually believed in, you’d be ROTFLYAO (rolling on the floor laughing your ass off). After which you’d be walking out the door with all of your back accounts intact.

  5. Oh pa-lease Jessa. Of course these silly thugs were sent by the “church” and David Miscavige. Nice try, but FLUNK! Why do you try to distance yourself from this appalling behavior? Aren’t you proud?

  6. Jessa – Everybody that knows anything about what is happening knows that the harrassment comes directly from the top of Scientology. The facts are very much in evidence. And this is certainly not new for Scientology, Google Paulette Copper for a classic case.

    “The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it;…”
    – Kenneth Robinson, British Minister of Health

  7. I’ve provided the link to one of the SquirrelBusters hideout on facebook

    they have approximately 172 friends all are Scientologist and Scientology front groups
    seems the squirrelbusters are rallying the troops on facebook for this lynching

    its not a bunch of guys on their own “JessaMinnit” they are perpetrating this crime out in the open.

    In the case of the squirrel busters the stupid rubs off


    Assume Scientology Lies…

  8. Whoa up there, Texas Padnuh!!

    There’s an underlying supposition here that these drips are sent out by the church itself. I don’t see anything in the article supporting that.

    For all anybody knows, they’re just a bunch of guys off on their own who really hate Rathbun for some reason.

    What is it lawyers say? “Assumes facts not in evidence.”

  9. Great article!

    The cult of scientology thinks “its above the law” and has quite a criminal record. This step, of blocking the illegal activities of this cult, shows that Ingleside respects and enforces the civil rights of every American.

    I wish more mayors would follow suit, and pass similar laws.

    Ingleside, Texas – you rock!

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