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Adventurous Vacation Report: Florida Invaded By Giant Predatory Lizards


The Palm Beach Story meets Godzilla.

State wildlife officials are warning residents of Palm Beach to run if they see any monstrous lizards about.  The Nile monitor lizards, native to Africa,  are quite defensive when cornered, can run 15 mph, swim under water for an hour, and use their tail as a whip.

WPEC: “Nine Nile monitors have been seen in recent surveys of the area. One was trapped, and a second monitor, 5 feet in length, was removed from a homeowner’s screened patio last week after gaining access through a doggie door. Both reptiles were euthanized.”

Now that is terrifying, no?  Really ruins a vacation if a horrifying scaly creature comes through the doggy door. Lock your doors, lock your windows: the lizards are coming!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is here to protect: “’This is a high-priority species for us,’ said Scott Hardin, coordinator of the FWC’s Exotic Species Coordination Section. “We plan to go after them aggressively to either try to eradicate them or suppress their numbers if they are determined to be established.”

Authorities were not too effective in containing natural threats to society Jaws nor The Birds. Let’s hope Palm Beach has better luck.

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