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Welcome to the brave new world where executives sexually harass women.

The embittered and disgraced Mr Strauss Kahn.

And then there’s this:

News of the alleged attack surprised at least one hotel worker.

“People were saying nice things about [him]. They were saying good things about that man,” said the worker, who asked not to be identified.

But another employee, who also did not want his name printed, was angry that a colleague had allegedly been attacked.

“Maybe we should have our staff trained to deal with that type of person,” he said.

“You never know who you are going to run into.”

Should we insist on training airline stewards, nurses, teacher’s aides that men like Mr Omar exist and that given their cavalier attitude towards attainment and amassing fine objects, liquors, and cigars, a smooth looking leg should never be out of the question when the mood takes the fancy of these men?

Then again perhaps it has nothing to do with power, just the incorrigible facets of an untempered male libido, but one has to wonder why certain men of certain agreed pedigree and status and one assumes good manners and breeding would resort to this type of hounding? Is this what we mean when we say powerful men? What good is power and authority when those bestowed it flagrantly abuse it and try to usurp a lesser dominion because implicitly they feel the culture will allow it?

Perhaps it’s time we started only showing from the neck up on billboards or simply vehemently attending to the flagrant misbehavior of a presumed self entitled lot…or better still erecting billboards which in no uncertain terms lets all men know, especially those men who think they are above the law, that in fact they are no where above the law- ever.

Calvin Klein billboard ad on Houston Street, featuring Eva Mendes.

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