Home Fashion Vienesse designer Nikola Fechter hosts the Bravo Ball.

Vienesse designer Nikola Fechter hosts the Bravo Ball.

Photography by Steve Sands. Nikola Fetcher to the left in one of her own designs.

This past weekend guests paid curry to sublime Vienesse designer Nikola Fechter and her court. In keeping with the festivities back in Austria where the Vienesse Opera Ball was being manifested, Ms Fechter decided if she couldn’t be in Vienna, then at the very least she’d bring her brand of Vienna to NYC.

With guests in languorous gowns (courtesy of Ms Fechter), guests danced to the tempo of the waltz with aplomb while savoring the sweet and savory delights of Wolfgang Ban, owner and chef of Seasonal restaurant.

With respect to Nikola Fetcher, her fashion line: Nikola Fechter Vienna is a line that resonates with affluent, cultured, prosperous women with chic schedules. With the main focus of her line being that of glamorous gowns and cocktail attire.

In fact we posed 3 questions to her over the week to which she replied the following:

SCV:  How would you describe your style

NFV: The style of my collection is elegant and glamorous. Women wear my cocktail/evening dresses to events or on the red carpet.

My party dresses are sexy and flattering for every figure – even if yo have a more cury body. I like it when women have curves.  I would say, my collection has a very timeless elegance to it.

The Nikola Fechter collection is glamourous and timelessly elegant. Women wear my gowns and cocktail dresses to events or on the red carpet  when they want to feel effortlessly sexy. The fabrics and the cuts are flattering on every figure and especially compliment the curves of a women’s  silhouette.

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