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Osama Bin Laden Gone: Will A Nation Find Closure For 9/11?

President Obama on May1 -2011 about to make an announcement pursuant to Osama Bin Laden at the White House.

Here’s the truth: I don’t know.  What I do know is that regardless of whatever you’re feeling… don’t fight it. Don’t over analyze it, and don’t take it as an excuse to feel guilty. Some readers may think “Of course I don’t. What are you talking about?” Others may know exactly what I mean.

One final thing: A thought crossed my mind last night, watching the President’s speech, and for all of one second it stopped me cold. “Is there going to be even more retaliation over this?” This country still has enemies, and no matter how many precautions we take, we canstill be taken by surprise, one way or another.  That’s the nature of surprise, and that’s just how it is. An eye for an eye for an eye.

So, as a civilian—especially one in New York—I’m going to do what people in authority suggested I do nine and a half years ago. I’m going to go about my life like normal. I have the freedom to do exactly that. I’m not going to skulk around every corner, scared of imagined adversaries. I’m not going to watch the skies, wondering when the next attack will strike. You know why? I don’t have to.  Trained, qualified, vigilant men and women are doing everything possible to protect this land already, precisely so I can go about my life, and you can go about yours.

So what are we waiting for?


Osama Bin Laden whilst on the run...