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Muslim girl stoned to death for participating in beauty pageant.


Trying to understand sharia law.

nydailynews: A would-be teen beauty queen was stoned to death after her participation in a Ukranian pageant reportedly infuriated local Muslim youths.

Katya Koren, 19, was targeted by three fellow teens who said her seventh-place finish in the beauty contest was a violation of Muslim laws, according to British newspaper reports.

And how did the perpetrators feel about stoning Ms Koren to death?

One of the suspects, identified as 16-year-old Bihal Gaziev, told authorities that he had no regrets about the stoning because the dark-haired Koren “violated the laws of Sharia.”

Which is to say if one has to perform grievous body harm in order to uphold the laws of Sharia then they must do it- never mind if killing itself must come under the tenants of Sharia law. But then again, Sharia makes it explicitly possible that such behavior is tolerated- because the principle and aesthetics of the religious law must be held in place at any cost. Something one presumably must come to accept and understand.

The teen’s battered body was found buried in the forest near her village in the Crimea section of the Ukraine. She had disappeared a week earlier.

Which brings to mind, what’s the point of such laws if in the end it all breeds is a continued denigration of women and violence? Are we to assume that too is the central tenant of Sharia law?

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