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Former Ms Russia, Anna Malova is sentenced jail time for prescription pill forgery.


Anna Malova, former Ms Russia is up to her eyeballs in grief.

Anna Malova, 39, a former Miss Russia, is facing up to seven years in jail for forging and trying to fill 14 prescriptions at New York pharmacies for painkillers over the last year and a half.

Malova, pleaded not guilty of the charges, but now is being held without bail by New York City for repeatedly showing up late to drug treatment evaluations. And not to outdo herself, last week, she added brand new shoplifting charges to her list of offenses.

Daily Mail UK: The New York-based judge ordered that 39-year-old Anna Malova, who was wearing matching snakeskin high heels and bag, should be held without bail, and certainly at least until the evaluations are done.

Why is the Russian rogue so adamant against the drug treatment evaluation you may ask?

Even after being arrested in February 2010 and last May, she allegedly attempted to get more pills with fake prescriptions last June and again just three months ago, the city Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s office said.

According to authorities allege Malova, who was a physician in her own country, stole prescription pads from psychiatrists and an addiction specialist, helping herself to scips for Vicodin and the anti-anxiety drug Klonopin.

Miss Malova’s lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, says all her legal troubles arise from a drug-abuse problem, and she has been in counselling since last year.

Malova  and Robert Gottlieb are hoping she be admitted into a rehab program where she could eventually even have the charge expunged from her record.

But we’ve got to wonder, what happens the second that Malova’s doctor turns their back?