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Why women cheat and why men cheat are not the same reasons…


This is true even with friends who move across the country or to a different country altogether.  Your contact with them still exists but to a lesser degree.  People of all ages need direct face-to-face interaction in their life.  It is a powerful form of stimulation and one that weighs heavily on our relationships.

The distance factor can easily be applied to cheating on a partner or spouse.  Men, as we’ve covered, cheat primarily for sexual reasons.  A man may be the dutiful boyfriend in theory by making sure to call every night and sending flowers for no reason at all, but he may still go out and sleep with other women even though he would describe himself as having a perfectly content relationship.

For women, distance in the emotional sense is what leads them to cheat.  In my opinion, women are more suitable to survive long-distance relationships because the emotional bond they have with their partner is what keeps them going more so than the physical aspect.  Even if their boyfriend lives across the street, if he doesn’t fulfill a woman’s emotional needs, she may start filling that void elsewhere.

That same wise college professor of mine also tackled the “love at first sight” notion.  He said that there is only attraction at first sight because it is impossible to develop complex feelings like love within three seconds of meeting someone.  Relating this back to the cheating issue, it makes sense.  Men cheat primarily for sexual reasons, and therefore it is possible for them to feel a deep physical attraction for another woman within a short timespan.  Women, on the other hand may feel an immediate emotional attraction to a man even after an initial conversation.  While neither starts out as love, both can damage a relationship.

Whether you decide to forgive a cheater or not is completely up to you but keep in mind that once a woman cheats it usually means the relationship is over.  Male cheaters are able to view their relationship and affairs as separate entities.  In fact, many of them are still happily content in their marriages or relationships.  Women tend to cheat once they have already mentally checked out of their relationship and have no motivation to work things out with their partner. Based on that, if your girlfriend cheats on you, it’s probably time to move on as well.