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Texas wants to ban transgender marriages.

Nikki Araguz is a transgender woman who would be affected by the proposed change in the law.

It looks like Texas lawmakers aren’t too particularly thrilled with a state law that allows transgender people to legally marry spouses of the opposite sex. The obvious choice of action kids?- To repeal the law…

associatedpress: Two years after Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to use proof of their sex change to get a marriage license, Republican lawmakers are trying to roll back the clock.

Advocates for the transgendered say a proposal to bar transgendered people from getting married smacks of discrimination and would put their legally granted marriages in danger of being nullified if challenged in court.

Rational argument one would wonder, after all discrimination is never a good thing, unless of course you are the one doing the discriminating…

One of the Republican sponsors of the legislation said he’s simply trying to clean up the 2009 law in a state that bans same-sex marriage under the constitution.

“The Texas Constitution,” Sen. Tommy Williams said, “clearly defines marriage between one man and one woman.”

Aha- thank the lord Sen Tommy Williams is just trying to keep the sexes balanced. After all, they may be getting hoodwinked over there in California and in fact most of the country but down south, Texans know a gender imposter when they see one.

The legislation by Williams, of Houston, and Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, of Brenham, would prohibit county and district clerks from using a court order recognizing a sex change as documentation to get married, effectively requiring the state to recognize a 1999 state appeals court decision that said in cases of marriage, gender is assigned at birth and sticks with a person throughout their life even if they have a sex change.

So even if I get a sex change, piss standing up, get to shave my beard every morning and register as a man on my driving certificate Texan law would rather recognize what my gender was the minute I came out of my mother’s womb- never mind if I no longer have a womb to begin with…

Gov. Rick Perry’s spokesman Mark Miner said the governor never intended to allow transgendered people to get married. He said the three-word sex change provision was sneaked through on a larger piece of legislation Perry signed two years ago regarding marriage licensing rules for county and district clerks. Perry, a Republican, supports efforts to “clarify the unintended consequences” of that law, Miner said.

“The governor has always believed and advocated that marriage is between a man and a woman,” Miner said.

Which is a clever way of saying, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you heathen to listen to what I think makes sense, never mind the inconvenience that you may for the time being be a man or a woman, even if it involved a few surgical procedures- which down south we all know is cheating…