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Michigan Cops using Gadget to extract cell phone data


If you’re living in Michigan, you might want to become reacquainted with that old copy of George Orwell’s 1984 you pretended to read in high school, because life is beginning to imitate art, and “my dog ate my homework” excuse won’t work this time.

FoxDetroitMichigan State Police have a new tool to use when they pull over drivers. They have hand held extraction devices that can retrieve all kinds of information from cell phones.

State Police purchased what are called UFEDs made by a company called Cellebrite. In a minute-and-a-half, the sophisticated devices can extract almost everything from a phone.

“What does ‘ROTFLMAO’ stand for!!!!?,” will likely become the next “have you had anything to drink tonight?” in “The Wolverine State.” I’ll advise you to answer with similar vagueness and uncertainty.

From a legal standpoint, this appears to violate our beloved 4th amendment rights, but luckily, the ACLU has decided to champion their first noble cause in the past quarter century and demand some answers.

“If they’re complying with constitutional guidelines, no problem. We just want documents which will confirm that they are, in fact, compiling with what the Fourth Amendment requires, and that is that they either have a warrant to search private places or there’s some exception that applies, which allows them to do that without a warrant,” Mark Fancher of the ACLU said.

One slight– and extremely cost-prohibitive– problem: The Michigan State Police is asking for a $500,000 fee to furnish the documents in question.

Is this a case of expensive ink, paper and clerical work, or simply a scare tactic?

Either way, it may be advisable to toss your phone in your floorboard right under that kilo of black tar heroin next time you head out for a Sunday drive.

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