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Man kills self and his 5 children cause he couldn’t keep up with mortgage and credit card debts.


Tragedy has struck America’s Pacific Northwest as one man’s fiscal nightmare sends a chill through the newswire.

ChronA Vancouver, Wa. man [Tuan Daos] apparently set fire to his own home, killing himself and five of his children, authorities said Wednesday.

The Daos filed for bankruptcy last year, citing $158,000 in credit card debt. The paperwork also disclosed $2,000 in gambling losses. The couple also owed $262,000 on the house that burned, while the property was valued at $179,000.

The Columbian reported Dao’s wife, Lori, and a 13-year-old daughter were away at the time of the fire.

A man’s sense of purpose and pride is often connected to his ability to provide for his family. Take that away, and severe mental deviance can occur.

Making the leap from “woe is me” to a heinous act such as this indicates some deeper issues—possibly a drug induced state of darkness—but that’s merely speculation.

Is this a spin-off to the similarly bizarre NY mother drowning herself and kids in the Hudson River two weeks ago? Has killing yourself and the rest of your family tree replaced the standard suicide?

As more families find themselves in similar economic situations, will this continue to trend, or is it merely lighting striking twice?

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