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Grandson bludgeons grandparents to death before killing himself.


Something isn’t adding up in a small town off Quebec.

Some say Jonathan Beauchemin capriciously beat his grandparents to death with a blunt instrument before turning to mortally self inflicting himself and others are now pointing to a mystery letter which they claim points to the notion he was only defending his grandmother from his grandfather. But if so- why then take a shotgun and blow your head away?

dailymailco.uk: While detectives refused to release its (the letters) details, the railway worker’s distraught mother said her son was defending his grandmother from his grandfather before he took his own life.

Guylaine Allard said the letter claimed her son’s grandfather killed his grandmother.

She said: ‘The letter says “my grandfather is a jerk, he took my grandmother by force and killed her. I can’t live with those images”.

But not everyone is convinced:

Other family members however, are not convinced the contents of the letter are true.

Andrée Loiselle’s sister, Gaëtane, who found the letter, said: ‘I have problems believing it, that my brother-in-law would have touched my sister.’

Despite admitting it was ‘difficult to establish a motive’ police have moved quickly to dismiss claims of foul play by Beauchemin’s grandfather.

Sergeant Claude Ross said: ‘It’s a double slaying followed by a suicide.

Neighbours of the family in the tiny village of 450 people said Beauchemin was ‘a very nice guy’ and he would never hurt anyone unless provoked.

Which begs the question if not the grandfather, then what in fact provoked a 24 year old man to kill two elderly people who happened to be his grandparents?

So much for quaint tiny villages…

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