A Moveable Feast in CADAQUES.

As your skin rebels against the very fibers of your woolly jumper and demands to be let into spring, won’t you join Picasso, Dali and The Gipsy Kings for some well-deserved Tapas on the other side of the Williamsburg bridge?

Yes, this is where the Powers That Be have been kind enough to relocate the legendary Spanish coast haven, both for your feasting pleasure and your commuting convenience. Either that or they were not able to contain owner Mathieu Reboul’s persevering and visionary dedication any longer. It is hard to say no to a Frenchman, after all, a fact that Mathieu’s mother – and French women everywhere – can confirm easily enough.

Love’s labour wasn’t lost in the 19 months that it took to create what was soon to become our favorite venue for heartfelt encounters and gourmet debauchery. With its rusted-steel high ceilings, its 150-year woodworks, it’s gorgeous hand-made bar and generous sprinkling of little nooks, Cadaques is at once intimate and festive, warm and spacious, earthy and sophisticated.  It will host first dates and girls/boys nights out with the same effortless ease (although friendly mingling is highly recommended – and with that, too, they can be of help).

In fact, mention your lovely friends at Scallywag & Vagabond and get a free coupe of Cava with your order – that’s Champagne to the Iberian Peninsula – that should get you started…

All in all it would be a great place to hang: a very excellent selection of Spanish wines, the most handsome beer tap you’ve ever seen, live jazz on most nights and actual acoustic guitars & flamenco setting the place on fire every so often. Some Sundays you’d stroll in for Movie Night, some late evening you’d end up aiming the Porron at the space between that hot bird’s lips (lovely game you can play there, they fill some long-beaked decanter with Spanish bubbly and revelers can compete over who will be the best pourer, or the best catcher, at the greater distance. Think of a slightly more grown-up Selma Hayek with some brand of Jaegermeister that is more delicious and that won’t give you a hangover the next morning).

All in all, as I said, a great place to hang.

But then there is the food. And it’s a brand new ballgame.

(did you see this? Frenchie using a sports metaphor? That is saying a lot. Perhaps a little too much, in fact. )



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