Home Visual Arts The Armory opens; Oh my ‘gawd’ everyone is too damn beautiful.

The Armory opens; Oh my ‘gawd’ everyone is too damn beautiful.

All photography by John Wenrich

Nothing smells like an art crowd on the make more than the sum of its subjects looking more like a fantastic spectacle than the art that they have come to celebrate and see.

In typical form of high end glam (as it has become de rigeur if one hopes to retain a career as an artist or art hanger on) the crowds flocked to the armory yesterday. Well the media and the VIP which these days is a kind of synonym for the arriveste class that makes young children quiver in the boon docks of star lust. That said without further ado we offer you a pictorial of the opening night highlights, and may we add, this year is setting some high bars, that is of course when the work isn’t smashing onto the floor and unsettling unsuspecting gallery dealers and the champagne VIP mates. But then again, maybe that’s the real art. You be the judge. Enjoy our pics and much thank you to our beloved John Wenrich for capturing these images: pages 1- through 4.

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