Home Nightlife Goodbye Armory; the Collective cool kids of Hardware celebrate…

Goodbye Armory; the Collective cool kids of Hardware celebrate…



Sunday night. A welcoming smile at an iron door, stairs leading to Erik Foss and Paul Sevigny’s Armory After Party at Collective Hardware, and the new cool kids holy land on Bowery. An addictive and entrancing vibe provoked us like a smoky tentacle teasing our senses. We had endured the jihad of the arts week and entered this magical realm to celebrate with the cool kids.

Raw energy pulsed through the floors, the walls, and into our veins.

The building itself is worthy of Kauai’s 11-mile hike on the Kalalau trail. A hike where some people never come home. Instead they live thriving off the pulsating sensations of the island’s sacred locale.


Photographer Karolina Wojtasik commented on the atmosphere early in the evening (…or midnight). ” When you get one step below Houston, you realize the kids here are always one step ahead. They are the trendsetters of New York. It is a perfect spot for inspiration. For example, here’s a scene of the hipster battles, it’s about who has the more ironic accessory.”



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