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Pamella Roland’s East Meets West Goes Quite South



Pamella Roland- 2011 Fall Collection- image source- NY Mag


In the first few minutes of Pamella Roland’s collection the concept was clear. With an image of distant foggy hills projected on the runway entrance to the Far East stylized musical composition coming from the speakers, the beaver, fox and mink collars, cuffs and adornments clearly displayed the idea Roland had of East meeting West. Then came a drastic turn for the worse, as all of the sudden the Black Eyed Peas “Time of My Life” started blaring from the speakers, causing everyone to ignore the runway to look around the room as if technical mistake had occurred. There were plenty of warning signs upon entering the show but sometimes you choose to ignore these. 

From the faux celebrities sitting front row trying to obtain as much face with the press as one can in the 15 minute seating time to the fact that it was so over packed with people completely unsure of which designer they were about to watch that the standing room was 5 levels deep, it was tough to focus on what was soon to come. Finally, as schizophrenic and delusional as the music choice, were the relationships between excessive 47 looks that went down the runway through the entirety of a remixed Asian folk, Black Eyed Peas, and Coldplay club song that ended the show.