Home Scandal and Gossip New doll introduced to teach kids how to breastfeed.

New doll introduced to teach kids how to breastfeed.

Is this your child's future?

Is this your child's future?

The breast feeding doll: filling gaps in the education of 6 year old girls everywhere.

You read it right. This is not an internet trolling scam or satire poking fun at the oversexed dolls and action figures released in recent history. Berjuan Toys has released the Breast Milk Baby, a doll dedicated to teaching young girls how to breastfeed their child and about the bond it forms between mother and baby. The ‘educational’ doll comes complete with a tank top with flowers strategically positioned to highlight the crucial areas used in the breast feeding.

nydailynews:: The goal of the doll is to spread the message that breast-feeding is a positive health choice for the child – a message that one is never too young to learn, according to the company press release. “The Breast Milk Baby will revolutionize our nation’s attitudes to good infant health, while letting little girls share in the wonder and magic of motherhood,” the company writes on its website.

Have we not rushed our young ones enough? From toddlers in tiaras to fashion redesigns to accentuate that ‘young girl shape’, is nothing sacred? Whether or not you agree with a breastfeeding woman whipping it out in public and let her child go to town for all to see, your stomach has to churn at the thought of this doll.

Will you be caught dead without your breast milk baby this summer? Let’s hope so…

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  • Better they learn how to breast feed than to dress like a hooker. Have you seen the Bratz dolls?

  • Hannah

    Do you hold the same position about girls using bottles to “feed” their baby dolls?

    Sexing up our daughters is in no way any comparison to a little girl pretending to nurse her baby; in that instance, she is actually emulating a natural instinct and behavior.

    Food for thought.