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The baby Gloton Breast Feeding Doll. Isn’t it high time you invested in one as well?


baby-gloton-breast-feedingWhen a new doll makes you wonder what’s appropriate and kind of sexy…


Mmh, have you seen the new “Bebe Gloton Breast Feeding doll” lately? It’s a gem of a toy/doll sure to have your eleven year old daughter forever traumatized and your fourteen year old son traumatized and very confused. These are of course some of the reactions to the new toy that has recently hit the streets this summer directly from Spain. Why don’t we look at the video together and wonder for ourselves.

Before you press the link below and watch the video we advise viewer discretion and some degree of cerebral intelligence, an often difficult concept to handle once you graduate high school but nevertheless something most of us have been known to practice from decade to decade.

Notice that the contraption is designed for the play imagination of young girls who wish to emulate their mothers and hurry up themselves and quit being a child and a grown up with their own make believe lactating nipples and make believe children.

It’s fantasy, a weird fantasy, nevertheless according to thingamababy.com as long as the toy doesn’t turn around and poop how bad can it really be? Yes really…

In any event have a look and wonder with us- will it promote teen pregnancy, inappropriately stimulate girls, cause gender confusion in boys (we didn’t think of this one) and lastly will it be purchased by pedophiles or mama’s boys?

Indeed it’s a terrible state of dilemma when you can no longer just buy a plain doll toy so you can quietly pretend that’s it’s your new friend or better your 9 minute year old twin brother/sister.

Bebe Gloton, Breast Feeding doll. Wont you be buying one soon?

Breastfeeding doll brings out the worst in people