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Horror filmmaker arrested after found to be living with his mother’s corpse for a year.

Actress Janet Leigh from Hitchcock's "Psycho."

A study in the morbid.

A horror filmmaker has been arrested after the decomposed body of his mother was found in his home – a year after her death.

dailymail.co.uk: An officer had gone to 68-year-old Jill Fattig’s home to do a welfare check and when no one answered the door, he questioned her son, Timothy.

The 34-year-old film-maker for Desert Scream Productions, told the deputy his mother was in a Tucson hospital.

When authorities found this was untrue, Fattig admitted his mother had died a year ago and with a search warrant , deputies discovered her skeletal remains inside his house.

Are you shaking your heads like us and wondering what exactly was going on in Tim Fattig’s head? Was this some sort of make believe horror scene that Mr Fattig was so enamored with that he couldn’t bear to reach out to authorities lest the scene would come to a close?

Fattig told deputies that when he found his mother’s body, he was so overcome with grief he never reported her death.

He had been telling people around Tombstone for several months that his mother was in a hospital, said Marshal Billy Cloud.

Fattig was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide and booked on a $40,000 bond at the Cochise County Jail.

But if an autopsy reveals his mother died of natural causes, charges are likely be downgraded to failure to report a death which is a misdemeanour.

Overcome with grief or overcome with a passion for horror drama?

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  • Nellie

    Charges have been dropped post-autopsy. Please remove this offensive blog!


  • Leter to the Editor….

    michael@christiescomputers.com to me
    show details 11:11 AM (19 minutes ago)

    Shame on you,  your gross misrepresentation of the facts surrounding the Tim Fattig case in Tombstone Arizona are sickening.  It is apparent why you’re writing for a 2 bit website, you have no journalistic aptitude or integrity.  It is because of moronic “wannabes” like you that internet media has yet to be taken seriously.
    Please, go back to your previous job,  asking “would you like fries with that?”  you are obviously far better suited to it.
    In disgust,
    Michael Christie

  • Melissa Carreira

    Jill Fattig was NOT found in Tim Fattig’s home. She was found at her home on North Drive and Tim resides on Fremont Street. Tim told Bill Cloud that he found his mother dead in her home about a year ago and was so upset and emotionally overwhelmed that he turned around, locked the door, left and never looked back. You should be ashamed of yourself for exploiting his pain for your entertainment. Tim is the most intelligent person I have ever had the privilage of knowing. He’s kind and geniune, and yes, just a bit strange and quirky but that helps make up the reason he’s so loved by his friends. I wish people would start paying closer attention to the facts before posting it all over the internet and even on television.