Home Fashion GUiSHEM plays it cocktail-classy for Fall 2011

GUiSHEM plays it cocktail-classy for Fall 2011


GUiSHEM 2011 Fall collection- Photos by Aracelis Batista.

GUiSHEM  played it cocktail-classy for Fall 2011— but it was not your classic cocktail party, GUiSHEM instead partied like it was 2099 with its futuristic, funky collection.

The fashion-forward, almost otherworldly, collection featured form-fitting and structured cocktail dresses and gowns with intriguing details, like dramatic draping and strong geometric patterns to create aesthetically pleasing focal points that highlight a woman’s best assets.

Leather, lace, and heavy textures also created interest and juxtaposed the classic, form-fitted structure of the pieces.  Snakeskin patterns and a blue leopard print mini-dress added an even more animalistic instinct to the already ferocious collection.

Punches of color, including mustard and indigo tights, helped to the liven-up the somewhat sullen looks; aided by the pop beats of Michael Jackson and Prince blaring in the background.

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