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Cop dies of friendly fire after deranged occult is killed.


Meet self-proclaimed Satanist, Anthony DiGeronimo, 21, who terrorized his neighbors in a rampage that ended in tragic circumstances.

Just imagine you’re pulling out of your driveway, going about your typical Saturday 8pm happenings in Massapequa Park, L.I., when suddenly a satanic menace dressed in all black, his face covered with a white mask adorned with chains, jumps onto your windshield wielding a large knife…

NY Daily News:  “A Long Island cop was shot in the face and killed by an MTA officer after a knife-wielding, self-proclaimed Satanist lunged at police and was gunned down in his home Saturday, sources said.”

Brian Mullins, a 12-year-old eyewitness, recounted to police that DiGeronimo stared at him, “murderous-looking eyes” that were “staring into his soul” as he freakishly paraded down the streets of his neighborhood, knife in hand.

Police, including an MTA office that lived nearby, corned DiGeronimo in a rear bedroom of his home after neighbors called police.  Instead of dropping his weapon, Anthony lunged at police, resulting in officers executing the disturbed Satanist in the bedroom.

That’s when the real tragedy began.

“After the shooting, a Nassau County special operations cop stepped into the home. An MTA officer, standing near the door, saw the gun and shot the cop in the face.”

The officer died soon after at Nassau County University Center.

Neighbors and friends lamented after DiGeronimo’s death that they ‘weren’t surprised’ and in some cases, friends even ‘knew he had weapons’.

DiGeronimo also noted on his blog that he wasn’t just some ‘small-time occultist.’

We can’t help but agree with him there; the madness he created, was the work of a real beast, the aspiration of a man deluded that he was some kind of devil, the devil he ended up becoming in real life…



  1. A preface— I am not usually one to feel the need to defend what I write, but in this specific circumstance, I am going to dive right in. Oh, dear. Which one of you shall I start with…

    Culebero, Let’s talk about my ‘crappy’ article. To your assertion that the article is slanted, and “more to the MTA’s liking,” I do agree with you, that none of us know exactly what happened that night, but I also don’t think anyone can disagree, myself included, that Anthony DiGeronimo was unstable. We are all intelligent enough to understand that. My intentions writing this piece were not to belabor that point. It’s a given. The ‘slant’ that you speak of, is merely taking Anthony’s own words, images, actions, and bizarre behaviors, and painting the picture of him that he CLEARLY supported, embraced, and posted on his social media sites.

    If police had pulled out an Alistair Crowley book out of his backpack and labeled him a Satanist, that would be a different story. Everything Anthony believed was self-proclaimed, and to be perfectly honest, proclaimed quite haughtily— to the point, have you ever said that you wanted to ‘cram a bloody crucifix down someone’s throat’ because you thought they were immature? Everyone keeps saying poor Anthony was misinterpreted, misunderstood, and misrepresented, but where was his compassion and acceptance of others? Maybe he was bullied, but that doesn’t give him the right to terrorize the elderly in the driveways of their own homes, or put 12-year-old neighbor boys in harms way. To the point, never once, until my closing paragraph, do I ever use words to describe Anthony that he doesn’t use to describe himself.

    In closing, as a writer, my goal is to spark intelligent conversation and debate. I strive to illicit raw emotion from readers, and in that, I most definitely did my job with this piece, your very responses prove so.

    And as we all go out in a communal blaze of commenting glory, casting proverbial stones, as many of you have pointed out that both Christians and Satanists alike do, let me have the honor of throwing the boulder…

    Assuredly, Anthony’s family and friends are grieving over the loss of their loved one, but everyone seems to forget the true victim in this bizarre tale, and that is the officer that died. According to reports, the slain officer was 12-year-veteran, special operations officer Geoffery Breitkopf. 40. You want true heartbreak; just imagine what it felt like for Geoff’s widow to have to explain to her two children how their father died…

    According to a Massapaqua Patch article yesterday an officer on the scene accounted that Anthony, “barged out of the room in a wild manner with the knife above his head,” Mulvey said. “Masked leather; Satanic garb; knives all over his body. He had knives in both hands.”

    To be perfectly, and brutally, honest, in that situation what the fuck would you do? Both friends and strangers alike? You wouldn’t try to hold his hand or ask him why he doing what he is doing, would you? You wouldn’t pat his head and let him cry in your lap, would you? If it were YOU that Anthony DiGeronimo was threatening, you’d almost assuredly feel differently, and by default, less sympathetic to his manic nature.

    The bottom line us, mentally disturbed or not, he posed an imminent and horrifying danger to police and his community, and ultimately and unfortunately, in our Dog Eat Dog world, the threat had to be eliminated.

  2. Crappy article. Bad spelling, grammar, etc. Not to mention that the story was slanted, and more to the MTA’s liking. Are you sucking police ass?

    As to Kathryn, ooo yeah, such horrible stuff in his profile to suggest that he is a dangerous person. Lol. His profile was nothing all that horrible, and nothing all that great. What was your purpose in posting that?

    If it had been a Christian, would you be saying the same thing? Religion had nothing to do with it. I seem to remember a pastor pulling a crossbow out of his trunk, and killing a guy who had cut him off some years ago. Oh no, those nasty Christians, always bashing and killing the heathens! Lol. For real?

    None of us know the whole story of what happened that night. He obviously had issues from his high school, apparently a big problem there. Bullies. Do we need to go further back then? Didn’t the bad parenting of many parents lead to what happened that night? Or maybe the police lied about him lunging out, and just reacted cause they were scared(hence, why the other cop was shot….)? Who knows?

    All in all, I knew Anthony online. My condolences go out to his family and friends, as well as to the family of the officer killed by his own officers. Whatever the reason, it was a sad night. Not something to gloat about, and press your Christian agenda.

  3. How are you a write? Isn’t the point of writing and reporting to be OBJECTIVE? Mocking someone who may or may have not been mentally unstable? You should really be ashamed .. he was clearly reaching out. This is tragic not only in the case of the officer who was killed but also for the fact that a 21 year old young man wasn’t given the help he needed.

  4. After reading the Anonymous comment about Anthony DiGeronimo the
    Satanist kid from LI, I did a little poking around and looked at his
    FB profile— it’s long and rambling, but an incredible look into the
    psyche of the disturbed via social media– this kid was
    something–obviously you don’t need to read the whole thing, but check
    this out– whew.

    Welcome, I’m Anthony but everyone refers to me as Barbaric/Barbie. I’m
    a Spiritual Satanist/Diabolist(more specifically a follower of Belial
    [Belialist]), Sadomasochist(Dominant), Anarchist, Chaote,
    Anunnaki/Starseed/Psychic Vampire, and an Occultist(the magick I deal
    with primarily consists in regards to clairvoyance [telepathy, and
    seeing the future + manipulating it] – I don’t recommend it unless you
    know what you’re in for, it doesn’t always tell the truth and can
    easily make a mess of things). I follow both the right and left-hand
    path personally; my reasoning behind that is, why should I limit
    myself to a single one. Last I checked, everyone uses both hands to
    achieve their goals(and I doubt you would hack off either hand to
    follow your own religious dogma). My main patrons are
    Belial/Satan(who’s also referred to as Erebus & Nyx, Kuk & Kauket,
    Apep [All of which are the primordial god of darkness & night]) and
    Chaos(father of the primordial [first-born] gods).
    I’m also a avid gamer and I used to do graffiti; I went by the name
    GOATMILK(I love tagging that – small break on graffiti for now). I
    graduated from HS in 2007, and I’m currently relaxing on hiatus 🙂 –
    I’m lazy, blow me; lol. Besides, not like you can turn back the clock;
    live life the way you want, not how others want. I used to smoke and
    drink for awhile(back into drinking); it never did anything for me so
    I stopped. My greatest addiction was love, but all things precious
    must come to an end at some point; am I right?(now you can guess where
    the drinking + smoking shortly came back from)

    Now more about me in general. I stand 6’2″ft tall and weigh 150lbs.
    I’m American and part Calabrese, Canadian, English, French, German,
    Irish, Polish and Sicilian. I’m astute, classy, and look at everything
    from different perspectives. If I’m wrong about something, I won’t
    hesitate to admit to it, but if you’re wrong I’ll blatantly point it
    out. I hate when problems arise, and I’ll do everything within my
    power to solve them. I also have a warped sense of humor, and I’ll
    usually play everything off as a joke most of the time; that can get
    me in trouble when I’m actually being serious about certain
    things(unfortunately). I’ve been told my views of life are somewhat
    twisted, I could care less for the human shell in particular; the soul
    is what truly matters. As you can tell by now, I’m very open about
    myself, which is funny since I’m actually quite anti-social(unless
    you’re my friend, and even then you need to start conversation with me
    for awhile before I’m comfortable enough to talk to you on my own). I
    rarely go outside anymore mostly because I hate interacting with
    society. When I do go out though, it’s usually to hang out with
    friends or just take a stroll around. I particularly enjoy walking
    through the local woods at night(bonus if it’s foggy); it always seems
    more peaceful during the night and I’m able to appreciate the ambiance

    Furthermore, to all the people who go and call me a poser…. Lol?
    Poser at what? Last I checked, this wasn’t a contest. This is me and
    who I am, I don’t need to prove anything to you, or anyone for that
    matter – you get what you see. I’ll tell you right now, I enjoy making
    a fool out of people that think they’re such hot shit; I feed off that
    ♥. Just remember, we’re all embodied husks living a perpetual rat-race
    in the end.

    Some of my likes are listening to music, gaming, graffiti, using
    proper grammar, expanding my intellect, experiencing the different
    wave-lengths pain has to offer, studying the different sects of
    Satanism. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, and being there
    for them or others when they need someone. Watching movies, making a
    mockery of people that deserve it(the greatest weapon a person has is
    their mind), and giving constructive criticism when necessary. I also
    thoroughly enjoy reading(yes reading, something too many people take
    for granted).
    I enjoy reading anything pertaining to Satanism, Sadomasochism, the
    Occult, or Magick in general; my favorite authors are Aleister Crowley
    and Marquis de Sade. Some books I’ve read are [“The Demonic Bible”,
    “The Lemegeton”(The Lesser Keys of Solomon), “The Devil’s Dictionary”,
    “The Book of Shadows”, “Justine, ou Les Infortunes de la Vertu”,
    “Justine, ou Les Malheurs de la Vertu”, “The Sacred Magic of Abramelin
    the Mage”, “The Satanic Bible”, “Book of the Law”, “The 120 Days of
    Sodom”, “The Book of Thoth”, “Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle”,
    “Psychopathia Sexualis”.]

    Now that you know my likes, here’s some of my dislikes. Maggots who
    waste my time, close-minded scum, and people that judge me based on my
    appearance(I don’t need to conform and wear what the rest of the flock
    does – including the underground). I also dislike people that say
    they’re “emo” or act differently then normal, and flaunt it as such
    for popularity, people that can’t accept responsibility for their
    actions, people that try and express their opinions as fact, and
    people that’re horribly immature to the point where I want to cram a
    bloody crucifix down their throat. I also hate when people aren’t
    honest with me, if you have a problem, just say it upfront. I’m the
    type of person who respects people that’re able to be themselves, but
    be blunt about things. All-in-all, I can just sum it down to me
    disliking people in general. Also, Country music; GODDAMN I WISH MY
    the gut with a knife is more pleasurable, seriously….

    Now onto the issue of contacting me. I’m always on msn; my msn is
    [email protected]. I’ll chat with anyone freely, just do me a
    simple favor and be yourself; I don’t enjoy bullshit. Anyway, I’m
    looking forward to meeting new people and forging new friendships,
    don’t be a stranger :P.

  5. Call Anthony all the names you want, he was still a human being, a human being with more worth than all of the corrupt christians in the world. He was a friend, not a devil. Nobody seems to want to mention that Anthony was terminally ill, or how his father begged the police not to shoot him, that they “didn’t understand.” No, the MTA Officer that gunned Anthony down was quite trigger-happy, so much so that he gunned down more police after the ‘thread was neutralized.’

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