Home Scandal and Gossip Casey Haynes bullied school kid body slams tormentor.

Casey Haynes bullied school kid body slams tormentor.


Don’t ever fxck with me again!


Who out there has ever been bullied and conversely who’s been the one who did the bullying? Well have a look at this video below and ask yourself should we be proud that Casey reacted the way he did (he ended up getting suspended for 4 days and his tormentor 22 days) or should we be saddened that it led to this?

Aren’t you glad you’re still not at school…?


Tormented Aussie bully victim Casey Haynes reveals he’d been considering suicide.


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  • blackyb

    He should have kicked his tormentor’s azz really good. She school can kiss all of our azzes.

  • Guest2

    Couldn’t agree more with ‘Guest’ above.  A different set of 3 little jerks made my life hell right up until the moment I smacked them silly.  After that I received all that I asked for — to be left alone.

    Seems the little cowards like to run in packs of 3 for some bizarre reason.

  • Guest

    GOOD FOR HIM.  That kid that was taunting him was a punk that needed to be put down, just like you would put down a pit bull that had bitten someone.  Kids that bully other kids like this get away with it TOO MUCH.  The only thing that is sad is that he didn’t come out of that slam with a COMPOUND FRACTURE that would cause him to LIMP THE REST OF HIS LIFE.  Then HE could be the one that other kids picked on and HE COULD REALIZE the kind of crap he was pulling.  It was very satisfying to see that punk limp off at the end.

    There is NO WAY he should have been suspended either.  If anything, the PRINCIPAL, and ANYONE ELSE that knew what was going on should be FIRED.  And don’t tell me that either the principal or some teachers don’t see what’s going on – they just put their heads down and DON’T CARE when they see a kid being bullied. 

    I know because when I WAS YOUNG, I was bullied, right up until the point where I kicked the ass of three bullies.  I took my time, studied martial arts DILIGENTLY (not the crap they teach today which is advanced babysitting) and after 5 years I just stopped taking it in 7th grade.  Guess what – I didn’t get bullied anymore.

    Sorry, I have NO FEELINGS for kids that do this stuff – NONE AT ALL…

  • Mojavegreen

    Yep. It is what it is. Nothing new. A person only remains a bully until he comes up against the wrong person and receives an attitude adjustment. Only that kid got lucky that it didn’t land him in a wheel chair for life. I’m not siding with either the victim or the perceived bully. I find it odd that this bully is 4 years younger than the victim who was 16. Usually it’s the other way around when it comes to bullies. As they like weak targets. I for one would like to know the entire story on this situation as the video has the dubious luxury of only showing what ever the one behind the camera wants. I.E. half the story. I got bullied once when I was in H.S..It lasted six months until one day he caught me when I was a tad moody. That was when he learned I was well versed in martial arts. Specifically Tae kwon do. With the single hit I sent him looking for his face and then on to the hospital where he remained unconscious for 2 weeks with a broke neck. That hit was a 45 mph roundhouse connecting to the left side of his head. He survived. Fortunately he didn’t get paralyzed and he learned a valuable lesson that day. He and I have been friends since. Who knows, perhaps the same will happen to these two, perhaps not. Back then schools handled things with a tad more patience. They weren’t so damn quick to expel people on the first offense that they are today. I got a weeks suspension along with 8 years probation and nothing else. I had plenty of witnesses to back me up. Like I said earlier. the 12 y/o kid made a mistake and paid for it almost for life. Let he who has not made any mistakes cast the first stone. At some point the comments will be viewed as cyber bullying the longer it continues.

  • mike

    you need a license to fish, but not to have kids…

  • WTP

    Anything less than the Nobel Peace Prize for Casey is an insult. Well done, young man! This “school” should be ashamed of itself.

  • JF

    Casey, suddy realised that the school anti-bulling program sucked, so he made his one anti-bulling program. Good for him. I really liked that didn’t continue fighting just walked away in the sunset.

    In the netherlands we love Casey!

  • mum

    Casey Good on you. I am the mother of two young children and I hope they never have to suffer the years of abuse you did. Also my only brother was bullied to and unfortunately never was able to stand up for himself…..he was bullied to death taking his own life.

  • austin texas

    this made my day. i have nothing but respect for Casey and his badasserness. it’s seems to be unanimous every person agrees this boy-man handled the situation with class and thoroughness. i wish for a world where talking actually does some good, but that ain’t so. thus He did the only reasonable course of action when met with an unreasonable force. i find it amusing that a 16 year old kid could be such an inspiration.

  • Dan G

    Kudos to Casey.
    Never allow someone to bully you.
    As for the school administration, they are trying to do their job.
    Casey fought. The rule does not discriminate.
    I am sure someone patted him on the back while suspending him.

  • SocialJustice

    Bully shouldn’t have been suspended at all. Suspension isn’t a punishment for kids these days. He’ll just sit on his ass playing Xbox for the next 22 days and be an unnecessary burden on his working parents (which they’ll need to hire a baby sitter, or one of them will have to take time off of work, etc.).

    Want a suitable punishment for the bully? Measure his suspension in Saturday schools and make him go to school as per usual, with a few exceptions: At lunch time and break, he gets to eat alone. No socializing. After school, he immediately reports to the office and gets to sit alone until a parent comes and picks him up. And every Saturday, for the next 22 weeks, he gets to go to school and watch 1970s educational videos on bullying and write reports on it. Failing that, he’ll get to clean bathrooms and pick up trash with the weekend custodial staff.

    And if all that doesn’t work, he gets the expulsion boot and an advisory sent to whatever school he attends to continue his Saturday schools. Five months of no Saturdays or socializing with friends during school hours? He’ll get the point, because he’ll vividly remember that year as being the MOST BORING-ASS YEAR EVER… and he’ll never want to repeat that.

  • Carl

    Same stuff happened to me as a kid, many times, at many schools. Constant kids bullying and teachers not doing a damn thing about it. I don’t regret the way I acted; I know I was in the right. This kid might need to do some thinking about why he was punished for his method of self defense, as hopefully when he grows up he won’t do the same thing – that could land him in jail.

    I stopped giving a **** when I got to highschool, and I hope this kid does, too.

    Finally, that mother of the bully needs to STFU and go slap herself for raising a son that bullies.

  • CWE

    The kid gets punched in the face, and then acts accordingly — and the bully’s mother wants an apology, and the defender gets suspended, too? What a fucking world we live in.

  • Allan

    I am involved with a brain injury service. I am glad to see that Casey body slammed the kid and didn’t drive him head first into the concrete as he could have. The potential was there to kill the kid or leave him paralysed or brain damaged.
    The problem is that with all these “anti bullying programs” that are supposed to be in place in our schools that this happened at all. Casey has obviously put up with a lot of crap before he “lost the plot”. Where were the teachers, counsellors, mentors, etc that are running the anti bullying programs? Obviously none of them where allocated to this school.

  • Steve

    Gotta love how the bully’s mother has the balls to ask for an apology and was amazed at her kid being mean. Don’t raise your kid to be a little brat and this stuff won’t happen.

    The problem with schools is they don’t take real action, they “punish” a kid for bulling by some time out or a day suspension and then that kid goes and does worse to the one who ratted on him. Some schools do worse say “kids will be kids”. So, the only way to set a bully straight is either the kid being bullied sets him straight or the bully’s parents do it. Short of feeding the bully to police for assaulting a kid, the school isn’t going to do jack to stop a bully. Teach your kids self defense and teach them not to use that knowledge badly. If your kid is found bulling, don’t show mercy. Make the kid learn it is bad.

  • V2Blast

    The problem was not that Casey defended himself. The problem was that he almost did a piledriver on the kid into concrete, which is a recipe for disaster. If they’re going to fight, do it in the grass or something, not concrete.

  • Miguel

    Also, do you see the two girls in the background? They were cheering the bully on; I think the bully was only acting that way to impress the girls, even if it meant pushing Casey down to get himself up. I guess he got exactly what he was dishing out to poor Casey.

    Richard, karma’s a bitch.

  • Miguel

    Good job Casey. What I really respect him for is the fact that he only hit the bully once. Any other student would have finished Richard off, but no. I can tell Casey wanted to beat the bully up after he slammed him to the ground. Casey was almost shaking with anger, but he just breathed in and decided not to do any more damage.

    That assmonkey got what he deserved.

  • Travis

    Ok, wow I could go on and on but will make this short. I see some having ‘shock’ from what Casey did, basically a body slam but…he used his size which is his advantage. He more than likely would not have won a ‘speed’ war with a much smaller, more agile aggressor who was obviously more in tune and adapt to fighting than Casey. His instincts took over, it was not as if he did it out of mental, but more primal instincts of survival. This is not cutting his intelligence as he did it flawlessly in my book.

    Look at it this way, what were his options otherwise? To sit there and continue to get punched in the face? To try to grab the kid and hold him, what good would that have done with at least 2 more of this kids friends there, 1 of which wanted to get involved?

    His primal instincts took over, he used his advantage which like it or not is his size. He removed one bully from the equation, promptly stepped back and stood his ground should the next aggressor step forward.

    You may not like it that this little twig got slammed, I hear now his mom is demanding an apology? If you ask me Casey deserves to an apology from the bully and the school immediately. The poor kid did the only thing he could have done besides take more beatings to the head.

    I commend Casey, as being a former ‘big kid’ myself and having a son who is the average size of 17-18 year old at the age of 11 I know full well how little man syndrome picks on the big guy.

    Even today, at 6’3″ 275 of almost pure muscle, when I go out ‘little man’ syndrome kicks in and others want to start fights. In almost all cases you are able to walk away, but in some cases such as this, Casey did what needed to be done.

    Well done, if I lived where you did I would shake your hand…..

    I hope if my son is ever in the same situation he acts in the same identical manner.

    Of course i wish no injuries to the other boy, and this may sound bad but if it’s my son in the situation i want my son not being injured, and like it or not in this situation Casey was the VICTIM.

    What’s next, a woman being raped who fights back, does not use deadly force but the best method she has is prosecuted.

    Give me a break!

  • Taine

    that little prick got what he deserved good on you cassey

  • Jesse

    To Scallywag,

    I do see your point and initially my thoughts were “the bully got what he deserved, you’re a legend Casey Haynes etc…” but now after thinking it through I am saddened that it came to this in the first place. I do not mean to say that what Casey did was wrong, not at all.

    What I mean to say is that it is sad that a child ( I say child because in Australia you are legally a child until the age of 18) had to deal with this confrontation to begin with, in school or out of. I blame three things in no order.

    1. The education system- why? The school yard is a place where a child should be free to learn and be creative. It should be safe. Obviously our children are not safe and it would seem that teachers/administrative staff are not able to control this epidemic. this leads me to the second thing I blame…

    2. Society (should be renamed the minority)- We have caved into the bullying of the minority in this country (Australia) and have been brain washed by PC Police (political Correctness). It is no longer acceptable to defend ones self against an attack for fear of punishment. Whether it be in the form of Assault charges from Police, Suspension from a school or even perhaps parents. Due to Political Correctness School Teachers are afraid to get involved in student fights, some teachers are even afraid of Violent students for fear of being sacked or community outrage should they intervene and correct the offender with necessary force. Teachers are even afraid to touch a student (like a pat on the back) for fear it would be deemed inappropriate. Government and the minority/community are to blame for this.
    Just look at how our Police are rendered virtually powerless to help us. (the taxi drive who called the copper racist for giving him a fine, so now the copper has to waist time in court defending himself from the accusation of being a racist… The riot outside of a school just 2-3weeks ago and a copper was punched twice, had to be investigated). You get my point.

    3. I blame the parents of bullies- Somewhere along your childs early life you stuffed up. Your issue, fix it! Because it is the parents issue I believe they need to be held responsible for that kid that bullies and assaults /insults others at school or out of school. I think Parents of those kids that steal, graffiti, anti social hoons /behaviour the parents should be held accountable for this by some means that will make the parents wake up… a fine, community service, something to make the parent/s deal with the childs issues.

    I have two girl so far, beautiful children they are… and so far my wife and I am teaching them not to hit anybody for any reason. I am going to change that teaching. I am going to teach them to respect others at all times and never hit people. But if someone hits you, you had better hit them back harder or they will never stop.

    Dont’t let the minority ruin our lives, Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, DON’T BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF Australia has woken up and a change is in the air…. VIVA CASEY!

  • End OC Corruption

    Poor girl in the background had to see that! She will be emotionally worse off then either! Send the bully to juvie where he belongs!

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl in the background had to see that! She will be emotionally worse off then either! Send the bully to juvie where he belongs/

  • Anonymous

    This is easily the biggest stand up to bullies ever! Way to go 🙂

  • Ro

    Go Casey
    Im 38, was bullied extensively at school and wish I had had the courage and the maturity to do this – i say maturity, he didnt see red and go mental – he put the bully out of action and then, like a man walked away. 2 punches in teh face, 2 to the stomach… and then he had enough – he turned the other cheek 3 times before retaliating, and after retaliating he walked away.
    I admire you Casey, I doubt you will get bullied again – ever, you stood up to the stupid little idiot who thought he was clever – the world sees him for what he is now, and he will never, ever live that down… you however my man, will forever be a dignified hero, who did what you did, not realising that you changed the lives of millions forever.

  • Dawn

    I saw this video and instantly started crying.My heart goes out to Casey! I felt humiliated for him as I watched him get punched not once but twice in the face. I can only imagine the pain he was feeling. I support what he did 100%, Maybe it will teach the little skinny brat to leave people alone! the little brats mother wants Casey to apologize – WTF! She needs to teach her kid how to be a better human being..TEAM CASEY ALL THE WAY!!

  • lyndsay

    when watching this vidio u feel the fear and the embaresment this yong boy feels. standing there feeling difensless because this little boy has a gang of older boys to encurage him. casey retaliated well. he didnt take addvantage of his size he just removed the kid to stop him punching him.unfortunatly they went on grass and the little boys injurys could have been faitle. im sure that was never casey’s intention. he just wanted it to stop.

    i have seen this kind of thing happen. the bigger kids take a smaller kid and tell him it will be funny, we will film it. if he does anything back we are here to help. what that little boy did was very wrong and i dont think his mother has any understanding of what harm has been caused to casey. as a mother myself i would clearly make sure my son was ok then i would take him to casey’s home and make him say sorry. my husband and myself would also say sorry to the parents.

    the kids filming it and egging the boy on are just as much to blame. i hope there parents are dealing with them.

  • billbo

    i think that casey had every right to kick back at his bully i was bulleyed at school n the only way i got them off my back was to hit back it never happened again after that it dont allways work all the time but i think the lad tad it coming to him we dont need bullies in this world we have enough to go throw in life to deal with as tean agers best of luck to you mate for the future you do your best n fight back you should never of been suspended take it easy boy x

  • Liz

    Damnit Casey…You are the man!!! Good job! I LOVE the way you slammed his little punk azz and then walked away!!! I bet his little punk azz will think twice before f****** with anybody else! LOL…I bet he won’t take anyone else’s kindness for weakness!!! Ha, Ha…tell ’em Casey, “Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya…like a good cognac, I sneak up on ya azzhole” LOL… Casey shouldn’t have gotten suspened though…he was clearly defending himself.

  • zin

    Casey: get into a martial arts program as soon as you can.

    There are much gentler ways to beat down idiots, that will keep you from getting in trouble.

  • Spleenslitta

    i’m from Norway…Yeah news of this young hero has arrived even in this pile of rocks and gravel that i call my home. 🙂
    Pardon my wall of text, please keep in mind that english is my second language and that i support Casey with all i got if there are any…grammar mistakes.

    i was bullied from kindergarden till i was 16 years old. Now i’m 30 and close to being mentally crippled because of all the stuff that huge bully did to me. i will probably never fully mentally recover from it just like so many other bully victims.
    The bully victims suffer more than society believes and their numbers are probably on the increase since todays society is so extremely focused on appearance.
    i wish i had the strenght to fight back like Casey did back then. Luckiily my bully is now a good upstanding citizen whom i could respect if he wasn’t who he was.

    i know i’ll be quotting a mussy line from a movie here but it doesn’t make it any less true—
    -“Wiith great power comes great responsibility.”

    i hope you read this Casey and i know that if you do you will have the maturity to make good use of those words better than most.

    Think of the 4 days of suspension as a small holiday to relax.
    You could ask your parents to enroll you in a judo class or something so that you can take down any other bullies in a less lethal way.
    Remember that if you are the last one standing and you obviously went easy on him then his humiliation will be that much greater. You can do that with judo.
    Just don’t use your dads car for bodyslam practice since the repair bill would bankrupt him. 😀
    But he keeps getting back for more…”You smash an’ bash ‘im right proper Casey. Stomp ‘im real gud.”

    You have nothing to be ashamed of Casey. On the contrary you should be proud and walk with your head held high.
    i wish someone like you was around to have stopped my bully all those years ago.

    As for the mother of the bully. Your son can only gain from this. Casey just thought him something neither the teachers, his father or you for that matter managed to teach him—
    -“Don’t be a bully. it bounces back at you sooner or later and it will hurt big time when it does.”

  • paulio

    fair fucking play he should have done it to them all teach the little fucker wont it.

  • linda walker

    Master Gale’s mother wants an apology

    Hey Mum having children is a priviledge not a right and one of the priviledges of being a mother is teaching your child what is right and wrong – your child is wrong and your child should be apologising and you should be telling him WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done to Casey you seem a real nice kid and so sad some little sad misguided individual drove you not to be yourself.

  • Simon Han

    Can’t believe that Casey got punished for dealing with this – schools will tell you that they take bullying seriously, but they don’t.

  • Michele

    Go on yourself Casey. nasty smart a*** bully gets what he deserves and I bet you he will NEVER do that again. Listening to some stupid woman saying on radio today: suffer, record and inform. well I cant see me standing there ,while a bully punches me in the face, thinking ‘oh i must record this in a diary’……

  • ghurron briscoe

    Scallywag it’s the dawn of the day, but you can’t change the elementary of youth!

    -Dandy Ghurron Briscoe 7:30am Thursday,March 17th,2011 (St.Patrick Day)

  • Callum Mckenzie

    I am 17 yr old student, and this kid deserved every ounce of that slam. What gives the bully the right to harass and torment, then be seen as the victim? This school HAS to take a better look at this, and if they do not then what kind of school is that??

    My nephew fits the same description as Casey, only a few years younger. If I ever found out that he was being picked on like this, I would just tell him to do exactly this; Defend yourself the way you should.

  • Neil

    Good on you Casey. Enough is enough … kids & bullies today always fight in packs like dingoes …. gutless lil swine.
    Cocky lil smartarzes who think they can lash go to water when it’s put on them & with a bit of luck this lil bastard will have learnt a lesson … his mates as well.

    Their parents would be of the same ilk.

  • Elizabeth

    I Have A 3 Year Old Nephew And I Honestly Am Afraid For Him To Go To Public Or Private School Because Of Bullies. But That’s LIfe. Where Would We Be Without Insecure Assholes, Who’s Only Goal In Life Is To Make Someone Else’s Life A Living Hell. I Am So Proud Of That Little Boy Casey. The Bully’s Name Isn’t Worth Enough To Even Be Published On Here. But From What I Am Told The Parents Of The Bully Are Trying To Sue Casey Even Though It Is A Clear Case Of Self Defense. This Angers Me So Much. I’m Only 21. So I Only Graduate High School 3 Years Ago. I Know How People Are. I Defended A Lot Of Smaller Teens In High School. Bullies Irritate Me. And So Do The So Called “Innocent” By Standers. You Are No Longer Innocent If You Do Nothing And Watch A Child Get Hurt Continuously. In That Case You Are Just As Bad As Said Bully, And Should Be So Ashamed. But In Life No Matter What There Will Be Bullies And No Matter What Policy You Make People Will Go Around Them. Hello? You Can Not Control A Child Once They Leave A School. School’s Are Government Property. But Once They Leave That Child Is Now The Parents Responsibility. And Apparently The Bully’s Parents Are Just As Bad.

  • Samantha

    I understand why the teachers decided to suspend Casey. They would have preferred someone in Casey’s situation to report the bullying and not take it into their own hands. The suspension Casey received is the minimal one, so they needed to set some sort of example. I don’t see a problem with that; Casey can see it as a time to chill out and collect his thoughts.
    I am extremely glad the tormentor was suspended for longer and all of those witnessing, who egged it on, should have been, too. I had a girl hit me like that and she was very suprised when I was able to restrain her. I love seeing the under dog come out on top.
    Good on you, Casey. I know you didn’t want any of this. You’re a good looking lad. Just keep away from those people who do their best to put you down.

  • John

    You have to look at it from the school systems point of view, Casey’s couldnt just walk away from this without some kind of punishment, i would proudly take those four days with a smile on my face just so i can pile drive a bully into the ground…I am pretty sure that this was not the first time Casey has been bullied and this kid just cought the brunt of all the frustration that was built up, I hope kids all around the world get to see this video and recognize that everybody has a boiling point and with every action there is a reaction. Casey could have caused more damage to that kid and kept hitting him while he was on the ground but he was the better man and walked away…Bravo kid, my hats off to you

  • Seems everyone got to deal with bullies in childhood and maybe later.
    One of my classmates gave me an insight (in 6th grade). All bullies are cowards. They only pick on those they believe will not fight back. He instructed me, accurately, to fight back – win, lose or draw. Then there would be no more problems. He was right, because the cowards only want to dish it out. They hate getting it. They then move on to someone else.
    The stupid little kid in this video learned a valuable lesson – if he is smart enough to learn. Hopefully mummy and daddy kicked his ass again when they saw the video.
    Some people just need to have the crap kicked out of them before they get it.

  • From the Netherlands Amsterdam Europe

    This news reached the Netherlands, and i feel so sorry for that kid.. What he did was totally right… I hope he is getting populair on his school now.

  • Chris

    Good for you Casey!!! You did not deserve to be suspended 4 days for defending yourself. The bully should be expelled to teach all his bully cohorts a lesson!! Hopefully that scrawny little brat learned a lesson!!

  • Bradshaw

    He should be a Wrestler! That move he did is called ‘The Dominator’ as made Famous by Ron Simmons of the APA. Where Vince McMahon when you need him?

  • graham

    Casey may struggle to keep up in his studdies which tends to make him introverted
    and non reactive so bullies prod and poke to get a reaction from an obviosly troubed boy.
    INo one has mentioned this probability.Needless to say I still agree with his reaction but hope they look deeper into the cause and council both boy, especialy the aggressor
    as he has the bigger problem.

  • Nick

    It’s obvious to everyone, the bigger kid handled himself brilliantly by not starting it, by reacting at first & then incapacitating that little c**t, and calmly walking off. I bet the teachers who suspended him haven’t seen this video, or merely suspended him for the force of his move (I thought his force was brilliant, i’d never have thought of anything other than punching back!)
    Seeing as he was (wrongly) suspended, let’s hope that his name & cause becomes bigger & bigger, that way hopefully his those same teachers can choke while listening how Casey has become publicly backed & commended for his superb self defence. I hope the guilt gnaws away at them for a long time.

  • Jodi

    Well done Casey, as I child I was bullied at school and I turned the other cheek. If only I had done what Casey has done, then perhaps it would have stopped.
    I don’t condone violence, but in some cases it is the only answer and this bully was always going to be too stupid to understand any other method.
    We should be proud that Casey stood up for himself, but we should not be proud that it came to the point where he was forced to resort to violence to do so.

  • Ramon

    This is how it suppoost to be. Great defence casey. Keep it up. Greetings from holland

  • boyd

    what makes this really funny is how the cockroach fumbles around to grab his hat!

  • reminds me of the day when i split the skull of someone who was picking on me with a half cinder block!!! i got expelled…i should have got a medal of honor and a foot massage at the least…and worship by school officials…

  • Chris

    The people that don’t condone Casey’s actions and say “well he could of done something not physical”… you just really dont get it. how it works. you think this was the first time he had a run-in with that little punk?

  • microfiche

    Yeah, Casey! They bully smackdown! So awesome!

  • jbrown

    its called self defense. that kid had every right to protect himself. what he did got the bully to stop and he didn’t seriously injury anyone in the process. i bet that bully will never bother him again either. point made bully stopped no one died. good for you kid!!!!!

  • Josh


  • Josh

    It’s a good thing he defended himself now because had he waited a couple of more years and decided to bring a gun to school, it would be “Casey was always a little off” or “He was the weird, quiet kid”. In a school shooting scenario, bullying rarely seems to be at fault. I am actually thankful that one of that kids asshole friends was taping this so the general public could see that Casey was trying to stop the behavior that has created so many scool shooters.

  • Lou

    Did the bully’s so-called friends get suspended? What a terrible things for kids to do and to even encourage him to continue bullying. They deserved to get beaten down like he did

  • Tim


    I’m from Ontario Canada.

    All my bullying went on off school property. Many times it was while I was playing one of the sports I did as a kid.

    I feel strongly that if the adults around me had not reinforced the “be careful you will hurt the other kids” thing with me. I would have handled the problem sooner. I don’t have the personality type to normally allow things like this to happen to me. I was more worried about really hurting someone and not upsetting the adults in my life.

    I realize that everything I say to my kids will stay with them forever. I try hard to teach them my hard earned lessons. Kid’s can’t always be protected by the adults. Parents need to teach their own kids correctly. After that the kid is responsible for their own actions.

  • lilbear68

    both kids got suspended becuz you aussies are losing your rights and becomming as PC as the brits and at a faster rate
    your govt cut off yer nads now your as big a joke as the brits
    wake up and take back your country lads

  • Tim

    Casey and I went through the same thing. My bully started when I was about 12 and kept up until I was 18. I was a big kid. I had my mom always tell me to be careful with the other kids. She said I could hurt the easily. She was right. The problem was that that made me not defend myself when I should. In mine and Casey’s case we were larger than our bullies. Did you see how easy Casey dealt with the bully when he made the decision. These bullies had no idea how easy it would be for us to take care of things. After 6 years of hell from my bully I finally snapped one day. Once I decided to retaliate my bully had no chance unless he ran away. I grabbed this asshole and beat him bad. My friends pulled me off. If they didn’t thing probably would have ended bad. I wish I handled the problem 6 years earlier. Good for you Casey. I have 3 young kids now. My oldest is a girl. She is built like me unfortunately. I’m already teaching her how to handle bullies. I will always support her if I know she is dealing with a bully and attempted all the none violent ways first.

  • lookyloo

    I think what the writer of this “article” is all washed up. This kid was punched in the face and the kid kept coming. What he missed most of all is that this was no case of one on one bullying. Casey was set upon by a pack of bullies (at least two or three) as one is holding the camera and I hear several voices egging the little kid on and taunting Casey. If I was the parent of the aggressor, I would be upset that my kid was hurt, but appalled by his behavior. The bottom line is that while it may be unfortunate that the kid was hurt, but for his own actions no injury would have occurred. I have no problem with Casey and he should not be suspended.

  • Arjis

    That kid did absolutely the right thing!!! It sucks, but in the real world you sometimes have to fight to defend youself from freaking bullies. He tried to avoid the fight, responded only when he had no other choice, and stopped when the other punk could not defend himself. If he didn’t kick that bully’s a** he would have been tormented day in and day out. Good on you Casey!!!

  • jay

    casey did the right thing, fuck size or streingth, bullying is bullying… the skinny kid got what he asked for. and besides he got really famous. his facebook got 1000 friends overnight, his fan page has 70,000+, hes all over youtube, hell we talking about him righ now. i say good job casey, kinda gives hope to all kids getting bullyed out there.

  • bondie

    mate this kid is a hero to any one thats been bullied

  • The Old Wolf

    Entire nations and coalitions use this formula to punish bullies, but when individuals take action to defend their own rights, the victim is often punished. That little camel turd got exactly what he deserved, and the school was unconscionably wrong to suspend the victim for defending himself. Yes, there is much that can be debated, but having been in Casey’s shoes for years (without the bulk to be able to defend myself as he did), that video was immensely satisfying to watch.

  • Dave Crockett

    Proud of you Casey,you did the right thing son.

    You took 5 hits before you defended your self.

    Your a good man and citizen 🙂


  • Aaron

    i know exactly how casey would feel i copped the same kind of abuse off everyone all through primary school and high school thats why i left high school so early i was only in year 8 just because i use to get bullied and picked on every day and then i finally snapped when my teacher told me to go kill myself so i threw a table at her, in my opinion well done to casey you stood up for yourself when the pathetic teachers wouldnt you didnt let anyone give you shit anymore, dont ever let anyone tell you who you are or what you are because those people are just dickheads mate you did the right thing.

  • Ropata

    The story speaks for itself – kid got served. I do have a couple questions though:
    Who and where is the kid that filmed and posted this on YouTube? Surely they have some responsibility here. What about the older bully who tried to carry the fight on and follow Casey? He was happy watching it Casey get bullied but gets all aggro after tiny gets pummelled. He needs to be punished in some form too. I commend the older female student for trying to stop another fight from occuring but I feel that was more to protect the next big shot from getting bodyslammed as well.
    It’s more concerning that its becoming acceptable in society to just sit around and dwatch, do nothing to stop it, even film it and post it online. At least the video helps Casey’s case. Good on you Casey, the force is strong in this one 😉

  • tony

    by the way out of interest i just wanna what countries people are in cause i wanna see if this has spread and if it is has then get an idea of where it is and how many people support casey in different countries
    thank you

  • tony

    i agree with casey in this situation he did what was nessary as a teenager i dont view his actions as being wrong as he was only defending himself, you always here about victims of bullying sometimes become depressed and believe they have noone to and in the end they commit suicide or go on a rampage, and the school would have done nothing to have stopped the bullies until something had happened to casey. casey was right to defend himself and the shit ass kid should have seen he size difference and backed off, the little shit should have been lucky if casey wanted to he could have owned him even further, but casey was too much of a man and walked away when he made his statement to the little shit and that in its self is bravery and courage anyone else would have kept pounding the little shit. but one thing i did notice casey should have done was taken one or two more steps and then dropped the little shit on the wooden or concrete beams, it would have added more damage to the little shit.
    people say violence is never the answer they may be right at times but in some situations like this one they are wrong

  • Sheilz

    That stupid skinny kid had to taste his own medicine, I don’t or support violence but Casey did the right thing to defend himself and those teacher who turned their head….Let me tell you all, it might be your own child one day that is being bully…so keep turning your head and pretend it will go away….
    Teachers are useless…they should be fine and sack on the spot when they ignore those been bullied….as they are not qualify to be a Teacher….

    And the parents of that skinny kid and others who was just watching and laughing…shame on all of you, you guys know how to produce a kid, but when it comes to teaching them morals and ethics, you guys had mess it all up there. So just STOP popping them out if you can’t teach them, because we don’t want any more of these low life in our world…

    Finally, Casey, I hope you well, don’t let those low-life gets you down and don’t change the way you are.

  • Dacia

    Good one him for standing up for himself. No one should have to be put into that situation and that bully got everything he deserved. All he was doing was self defense, he shouldn’t of been suspended.

  • Obre

    I think the true issue here is that the bullying of Casey and probably other kids was left to go on to the point that it led to this harrowing incident.

    Whilst I wish Casey had found a way to express his frustration that was less likely to cause serious injury, I can certainly understand the feeling of being pushed to that state of duress.

    Ultimately the school should be held accountable for not controlling its bullying problem. I for one would not send my children there.

  • that little kid should get a good bashing, the strong do not victimize the week , he got what he deserves. More will come to his kind and what goes arond comes around. little prick

  • Anonymous

    I wanna know who that Hard k*nt was at the end running after Casey . And these by standers (except for the girl standing in the background who stopped that guy from getting Casey) should’ve gotten suspended . What happened to promoting Bullying in schools . Have they not learnt that bystanders are no different from the bully . What a little S@#T trying to go after Casey after he body slammed that THING . Wannabee HK’s these days .

  • Dave

    Go Casey ‘Rampage’ Haynes

  • Casey is a pure legend . Standing up to someone like that takes guts & shame to that wannabe Anthony Mundine . Seriously , who would be stupid enough to start a fight and then lose it at the end & its just for popularity reasons . Teenage bullies need to know their place in the world , otherwise people like Casey Haynes gunna put you right back ! Good Luck Casey , you’re my legend .

  • anna

    well done casey for sticking up for yourself, i am sorry you got suspended, you did nothing wrong, be proud that you stood up to that little smuck and gave him a taste of his own medicine, you are a fine, decent young boy and i hope things get better for you at school…

  • Joe

    Im so proud of him

  • Philip

    Well I agree with the fact that he was right to stand up for himself. But after watching the video a few times over. I realized something. Yes he was in the right to defend himself. But without quit knowing what he was doing, he could have killed that boy. Casey performs a pile driver! That smaller kid was inches from having his neck and head slammed into the concert floor. Not to mention he probably sprained his ankle as it hit the wood beam! So yes I can see why the school suspended him! Even if he was defending himself! I get both sides. That’s if the school saw what I did! But I’m glade Casey stood up for himself! As bad as the other kid was hurt he deserved it!

  • Soph

    Portia has a point, violence should never be condoned, nor should it be used as a means to counteract violence. Casey had a right to defend himself, he was being openly attacked, but his defence didn’t necessarily have to be physical.
    I don’t support the bully at all and think that Casey showed a lot of courage by not hitting back at first and by walking away. With any luck, that bully will be so terrified he won’t hurt Casey again. It’s just sad that violence seems to be the only way of remedying the situation, and it’s disappointing that schools don’t do more to stop kids like Casey from being bullied and seeing physical retaliation as their only resort. The kids filming and encouraging the bully should definitely be reprimanded.
    Good luck to Casey, I hope he never has to deal with these terrible people again.

  • Jack K

    @ pickles
    that is not true a good friend of mine years ago stood up for himself and in the process of trying to defend himself from a bully had the bridge of his nose broken inward (an injury requiring surgery to repair) …. my friends mom tried to recover the expenses for the surgery as well as for time off assisting my friend in his recovery … the court system allowed nothing by way of financial re-embersment … stating that because my friend faught back any injury pertaining to the matter will not be liable to either party …..

    to be honest pickle i hope this little shit walks around with a limp for years to come …. to remind him and his little possie of what happens when you finally push someone to the point they defend them selves …. Casey backed away after subduing the bully … he held his composure better then anyone i know could …. he understood his size and strength and did not persue the kid after putting him down …. if it where me (barring i had the size of casey durring this incident) in that situation …. it would have been alot worse as i do not know if i could have restrained myself.

    but he does need to miss a day two of school as if they are trying to promote a school with no violence he needs to be removed for a day or 2 to just let things settle ….. yet with the new viral success i doubt that will happen

  • BOB

    In High School I was suspened 3 times for fights I was invovled in 2 of which I was bullied and retaliated with fighting. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that even if you fight back by throwing punches back your not using self defense or so the school systems says so. The last fight I was in at school I was kicked repeatedly in the headI got back up and pushed the kid into lots of upside down chairs which he had I was not suspended because I didn’t use violence I used self defence (pushing him instead of puching back). School systems are screwed up. The law states it is self defensive if you defend yourself with your hands and fists as long as you don’t use greater force such as weaoons agaisnt someone with out or a bigger weapon then them.

  • Stephen

    What would you have the big boy do take it till one day he when he gets to 18 or 20 buys a couple of guns and kills 10 or 20 people who had nothing to do with what happened at his school .It’s not the first time he was bullied it’s been going on for years ,if you lisen to the sound his attack by the little shit and his mate’s was deliberate. A lot of times violence stops violence.

  • Alec

    I think he’s well and truly in the right and good for him, though there was a cruel little part of me that wanted to see Casey smack the kid that squared up to him afterwards. What a little scum bag! As if Casey was being out of order…

    As for the suspension… Meh. I think they were in the right to make Casey stay off school for a few days afterwards to allow things to cool down, rather than have something this stressful happen to him and then make him walk straight back into the school environment the very next day. So no, I don’t agree with any punishment, but I think a four day cooling off period (which is possibly what this was really for) was appropriate.

    The other possible issue is the age gap, Casey being 16 and the little punk being 12, but I don’t think it’s relevant. As was said above, he didn’t stomp the kid afterwards and walked away from the situation. Good for you, Casey, I only hope that this leads you to being left alone rather than you having to fight again and again. How this goes now is up to his teachers really and how they approach the obvious bullying problem in their school when so brazen an attack was taking place in front of many pupils and no-one even bothered to try and step in.

    All of the children who either were involved in a clearly planned and video taped attack and the children that just watched or walked past without trying to intervene should also be punished.

  • Pacifist

    While I do not support violence in any way shape or form, everyone has the right to defend themselves…
    Good on you Casey, you defended yourself from an attack – you have the right to do that.

    Have to say that little punk found out the hard way what happens when you use violence, he got what he deserved.
    Lets hope that punchy little brat learned his lesson, otherwise he will continue to be a scumbag (for whatever reasons) and probably end up in jail later in life.

    I think a lot of good things might come from this video, the first and most important being that Casey will not hassled any more, and secondly all you little bullies out might get a feeling for what happens when you fool about with violence.

    The School should be ashamed of suspending Casey.

  • Exactly my point.- The Editor.

  • Stephen

    Casey, Im proud of you,you did only what you needed too and then left.I don’t think you’ll have a problem from that little shit again,and Casey don’t change.. To the parents of that little Shit, HA HA he got what was comming!!!

  • John

    Good on the kid. He did do the right thing. He shouldn’t have been suspended for this and the kid who was the main antagonist got what he deserved. Bullying people because of anything is disgusting. It also sets a terrible image of the school (the kid hitting Casey).

  • Erik

    Casey just did what his heart told him to do and there is nothing wrong with that. Good point to the commenter who pointed out that he was noble enough to do nothing more than take care of the situation and walk away instead of pummeling that mouse to a pulp. He didn’t act out of anger and we should really support victims who stand up to abuse.

  • Portia

    Looks like the one thing everyone here agrees on is that violence solves violence.
    While I completely understand Casey’s frustration and getting to the end of his tether,
    I’d love to have seen him do something like hang the little bully up by his backpack on a door
    and then just walk away and leave him looking ridiculous. Problem with retailiation by
    hitting or in this case driving the bully into a cement ground, it so often ends in payback after payback (it’s what gangwars seem to thrive on). It’s just a horrible situation all round.

  • Kylie

    Pickles let me remind you ” one punch can kill” that bully also threatened the life of Casey by punching him in the head.

  • Erik

    I guess all the school officials no how to do is suspend Casey for taking care of the situation when they failed to keep it from happening in the first place!

  • James

    I want to know on what grounds did casey get suspended for? That little toothpick should be expelled for numerous beatings towards casey, and frankly, im surprised that casey did not murder the child.

  • Jason

    Hell yes, Casey! I was bullied when I was a kid because I was small and now I’m about 6’2″ 240 pounds and would LOVE to have a chance at getting even though I’m now old enough that I have no excuse to pull this kind of thing any more. That little punk that was tormenting Casey should have known the rage that can be unleased when you mess with someone bigger than yourself (and, in this case, smarter). Hopefully, all of those kids now know it.

  • craig

    Casey I think is a real good kid and I would be proud to have a friend like him. I hope the bully found out just how tough he is not.

  • Shannon

    i think Casey did the right thing! growing up in a small town i know what its like. every little thing you do is seen as a good reason to get picked on. thankfully I was mature for my age and was able to ignore most of it…most. Unfortunately because i am a girl my father always told me to report it to a teacher, but tells my brother to fight back. wish i had had the chance to rough up some of my peers….

  • moira Hurley

    my son tried the please don’t hit me that hurts approach, it resulted in two lost teeth. I think this little brat got what he deserved. I don’t know why Casey was suspended for this. The kid holding the camera and the little brat need a good punishment too. You should be proud Casey

  • pickles

    The problem with what Casey did could have caused serious injury or death to the bratty little kid. Even though we all agree the bully deserved a dose of his own medicine, if that kid suffers serious injury then it will be Casey’s family who will be paying the price of a law potential law suit.

  • matt


    Bullies name is Richard Gale.

  • hmc

    the bully doe’s a good lee evens impression.

  • Michael

    Hey, if you actually paid attention to what Ryan said you would have realized that he was completely for Casey and completely against the other kid, and also that he was all for the way that Casey defended himself. pay attention to what you read.

  • Hobnor


    I think you need to reread Ryan’s post until you understand that he was saying the same thing you are.

  • Ernie

    I don’t condone fighting but in this case Casey did what was necessary to “defend” himself. I have two young sons and continually warn them of “bullies”. I tell them to first try to tell a teacher or the principal if they are encountering issues with bullies. But, if push comes to shove, I have given my approval to do what is necessary to defend/protect themselves from harm. Casey took several punches to his face from this loser, and finally took a stance. I have nothing but respect for the young man and the way he handled this sad situation. It pisses me off to see that there were other “bullies” involved (the one tall kid ready to fight and other taking the video obviously to capture the humiliation of Casey on tape). I think those two additional punks need suspension too! I also hope the parents of these bullies get more involved with their kids, that they can learn from this and correct the mistakes so that it won’t happen again.

  • paul

    I ended up watching this video several times, I felt a strong emotion come up. A feeling of take that you F&@ker. I know this a feeling I have been holding onto for a while. As an adult male, I feel at a loose to hit the bullys in our world. Gaddafi, The father who smacks his, child or his wife. The corporte leader who does what ever it takes to make more money. I want to see their bodys crumble under the unexpect strenght from a sleeping giant.
    Yet as an adult I now, the body slam will not work, someone always has more gun’s, Has the ability to take a means to live, in safty way from another.
    So yes Casey handled the situation in a way that I so want to. Yet I hope not to. I hope that those around me, will in unison stop the bullies, be willing to take the initial pain of an obni

  • Tay-Tay

    Well done Casey, and @Andy I concur.

  • Mike

    I’m so happy that the kid stood up for himself. I was bullied horribly when I was younger and almost 20 years later, I still regret not fighting back.

  • ian

    I think it’s funny that Casey’s name is all over the place. how about naming and shaming the bully too. He obviously wanted to be big time and be seen on the internet picking on Casey!
    Well done Casey!!

  • Jacob

    hahaha stupid little punk deserves it. Casey didn’t do anything wrong he took two hits and defended himself. When I grew up, my dad told me that if I ever started a fight he would kick my butt, but you get caught up in a this kind of a situation go to town and protect yourself. Plus i can guarantee you that the little punk’s bullying has slowed down.

  • Jack

    Yea, we should be proud, that kid stood up for himself

  • Rachel

    Having a younger brother who was bullied constantly at school I say good on Casey. My brother did what kids are told to do, which was report it to teachers and this led to more bullying.

    It reached a point where my younger brother was absent for 50 days without our knowledge (and the school notifying us). After numerous attempts to sort the problem out through teachers, the problem still remained. The children who were bullying my brother were not ever put on detention!!! Merely spoken too. We removed my brother and put him into another school, a public school – his previous was a private catholic school. He is now happier and excelling in his studies with no problems at all.

    We now have taught my brother, never to bully and never to throw the first punch but if he is ever assaulted in any way then he has my parents full support in retaliating in a physical manner if walking away does not solve it. Thankfully his is no longer bullied at his new school.

    So good on Casey for standing up for himself. There is no place for bullying and sadly the only way to stop a bully is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • @RYAN, a bully is a bully no matter how small you are. The slammed kid deserves it. He’s acting too cool (if you now what I mean) trying to pick on a kid bigger than him. What if Casey did not have that size what would have happened there? Bullying will not stop when the bullied won’t do something. So I think you must think more Ryan…

  • Andy

    That fucker deserved it

  • Lee

    I am impressed with the boys response.
    A fine young man.
    Anyone can dish out an A** whipping
    It takes a MAN to take one. Young man if you are reading this. You did that
    Little guy a favor by tossing him and walking away with your dignity in tact.
    There are a lot of us out there nowadays who are one a** whipping away from being decent people
    Knowledge + Humility = respect
    Arrogance + ignorance = Rudeness

  • Matt

    Go Casey! And he also didn’t make a strike to the guy! Stupid little shit…

  • mohan

    the fact he was suspended at all makes me mad. he was purely defending himself after multiple attacks AND from a gang of bullies. if it was my kid there’d be a lawsuit against the school in two seconds flat…

  • Ryan

    *better off

  • Ryan

    How on earth anyone could not see Casey’s actions as pure self defense is beyond me. The key issue seems to be his size and chosen method of self defense. My two-part answer to this is, 1. are we saying bullying is wrong but, if the kid being bullied is larger than the bully, he should not be allowed to defend him/herself and 2. that people, especially children, with no previous self defense training are not allowed to use the most immediate means necessary to defend themselves? In Casey’s case, the most immediate means was his sheer size and he acted accordingly. His obvious lack of any kind of fight training beyond probably entertainment wrestling or actions movies should not differentiate his self defense from any other bullying victim. It’s not like he pulled an illegal weapon or continued beating the kid after he incapacitated him.

    Also, Casey’s tormenter was suspended for a far longer time. Still, the fact that he was at all held responsible for finally standing up to his tormenter is absolutely ridiculous. Grown-ups can’t and don’t solve everything. Standing up for yourself is part of life and something more kids would be better of learning early and Casey was punished for it.

  • Jason Sobotka

    Now you ask if we should be proud of Casey…I say yes. What do did you expect him to do just continuously take it and keep getting picked on?…Casey was 100% in the right bet you that bully wont mess with him again, and if he does can’t wait to see the next video of casey beating that ass!!!…Casey good job for standing up for your self. The school officials are stupid as hell for suspending you for defending yourself….to be honest I want a Casey interview but that might just be me

  • Paul

    Why was Casey suspended? he did nothing wrong.. just defended himself.

  • Zian

    He takes a punch to the face, acts totally non confrontationally, then dishes out a move that stops the agression, then walks away. He should never of been suspended, he did what we are taught to do, stand up for yourself, use restraint if you have to use force.

  • Victor Medina-San Andrés

    This is why I’m gonna teach my son to defend himself as well so no one messes with him…