Home Scandal and Gossip 300 000 American women did something to their breasts last year.

300 000 American women did something to their breasts last year.


Isn’t it time you got in the act too?

It must be a national characteristic as a foreign born that I haven’t quite mastered yet- but research indicates that last year up to 300 000 of you American girls got breast implants, which for this author’s mind- begs the question- WHY?

styleite: The New York Times‘ health blog parsed out the numbers, from the society’s annual Report of Plastic Surgery Statistics, and found that while a handful of cosmetic procedures are on the decline, more women in America are getting breast implants than ever before. Implant surgeries have increased some 40 percent over the past decade, and almost 300,000 women had implants in 2010.

Out of curiosity ladies, do bigger firmer breasts really help you feel better about yourselves? Does it allow you to meet better calibre of guys or just be able to meet them in the first place? Or as one of the female interns snickered to me in the background, it’s because there are so many damn women who look good, you’re forced to do whatever you can just to stay in the running.

On the whole, doctors performed over 13.1 million cosmetic procedures in 2010, a 5 percent increase over 2009. Is it a sign the economy is getting better? Maybe not. But it is a sign that people with discretionary incomes really, really don’t like feeling ugly. Check out the rest of the statistics here.

In a nation overwhelmed with how they look and appear to others is it any wonder that more and more of us head to the scalpel. If it’s not the media and billboards accentuating this type of beauty, and it being ingrained as perfunctory as getting a manicure is it any surprise that the number is where it is?

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