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Launch for Vivienne Tam and Jack Dorsey’s ‘Double Happiness’ Square


This gadget is a catalyst in the movement to bring technology and business to the people. “When you start a business, what people face is that they have all this ugly machinery…cash registers from Costco,” said Dorsey. No longer are entrepreneurs chained to aforementioned cash registers (which are, according to both Dorsey and Tam, are “so ugly”) and expensive storefronts. “You can carry it everywhere, you can do business anywhere,” explains Tam, “this encourages entrepreneurship, encourages you to start a business, to do something, there is a real motive”. Case in point: two minutes after they placed the Square in my hot little hands I had plans of expanding into freelance work.  

The aesthetic of the Square is not to be discounted as frivolous or an aside: it’s an essential element of this product’s appeal. Jack said it best: “I think design and art have a very interesting intersection with technology and they do meet…. it makes the experience feel beautiful so you don’t think about the technology anymore, you just think about using it.” Using the Double Happiness Square does feel like a beautiful and personal experience: “I want this square when people are thinking of it and using it there’s a harmony, creating harmony and balance… yin and yang”.  

As Vivienne and Jack had a break, they nibbled at the elaborate tea in front of them: a mixture of British and Chinese high tea, of course. They smiled and talked like old friends, and looked, and I hate to be cliché, like yin and yang. Two opposing elements coming together to create something beautiful: “I think it’s very important for both of us that every single pixel, every single element is perfect and that it feels really good corner to corner to corner. And that’s true for everything we make,” said Dorsey and I hope he rests easy knowing they have succeeded.

Sarah Hartshorne, Jack Dorsey, Vivienne Tam