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Garuda: a Toni Francesc Fall 2011 Collection


Photography by Keith Lew. Toni Francesc 2011 Fall

Toni Francesc’s 2011 Fall line was taken from the legendary birth, the Phoenix. An eagle sized bird, with red feathers, burns in its own flames every 500 years. It then rises from its ashes, and is known today as the Garuda: the title of Francesce’s new fall 2011 collection.

Silks, satins and other soft, smooth fabrics graced the runway, at Lincoln Center, in a color scheme that was well thought out and surreal. Grays, blacks, tans and beiges, and creams and whites, interspersed with burgundy, reds, oranges, yellow and other inflamed hues—shone rightly, in an array of lenses peering into the transformation of a powerful Garuda. Synonymous with women, who emerge through adolescence, with a struggle– who burn and get burned, over and over again—the Phoenix is the mother, the career woman and the wife.

Aimed at encapsulating the powerful woman, in her day-to-day life. Francesc highlights female silhouettes with bright red colored lips, Salerm cosmetics and elegant updoes. Smoky, uplifted lids with dramatic lash extensions evoke something of a bird or eagle, while the leather belts accentuate the cut of the open, gray wool cardigans.