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Custo Barcelona: Not in Love. But Absolutely…



Photography by Keith Lew.

Last night saw one of the best presentations to date in this season’s NY 2011 Fall collection with the visage of Custo Barcelona models thumping it down in intricate woven wool fabrics, with jagged woolen tassels,lapels, emerald, orange marmalade and boysenberry diamond shaped shafts cascading from tight fish scaled printed leggings to the velour of supple chiffon pleated fronts which reminded one of eerie floating muted landscapes. In all it was Custo Barcelona reigning it in a notch (if you can believe that) and examining the subtleties of the fabrics and the density of lightness versus darkness of material and then imbuing them with his signature gusto prints and sartorial elan.

The show started off with the woeful panache of the Cure in the background and the theme of unrequited love and the somber disposition of models wafting in their brood down the runway. Prints and tunics overlayed one over the other, then crisscrossed and dissected by woolen sharps, muted amphibian type print running up and down finely wrought skin tight leggings and sleeves, overlayed by turquoise mini skirts and boysenberry hued shoulders, boots (which came with their own intricate tassels) and the unbelievable gasp of the crowd that couldn’t believe what it was witnessing.

  • Maria Silva

    Beautiful description of an awesome collection !