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What caused 4000 red winged blackbirds to plummet to their death?


Is nature trying to tell us something?

Update- Jan 4-

Now dead birds are falling out of Louisiana.

Jan 5- new conspiracy theories;

Conspiracy Now! : Web Searches for Dead Fish and Birds Related Bible Revelations Send Internet into a Frenzy»

On the surface it appears rather bizarre that this past weekend in a town north east of Little Rock Arkansas a migration of red winged blackbirds fell out of the sky to their death. To date no adequate explanation has been offered as to what actually happened, nevertheless, pundits, journalists and a few naturalists are all speculating how this happened and what this actually portends.

Keith Stephens
, a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had this to say:

: For now, state officials are speculating that the birds may have died as a result of stress, startled by fireworks in the area, or perhaps by lightning. But, Mr. Stephens acknowledged that the cause may never be known.

It is, he said, the biggest case like this that he is aware of.

“About 19 years ago, we had some ducks,” he said, “but that was only a couple of dozen.”

But the case now gets even more compelling when one takes into consideration the 83 000 fish that died a few days earlier in the western part of the state.

One thing is almost certain: the bird drop is not related to the 83,000 fish that died a few days earlier in the western part of the state, the biggest fish kill in Arkansas that anyone can remember.

Which has us immediately wondering who is to say that the two instances are or are not directly related, but nevertheless disturbing in that a large group of creatures can be whitewashed out of the sky or water. And what does this suggest about mankind’s ability to equally withstand internal or exogenous shocks that come and go? After all if birds and fish that have been around for millions and millions of years are coming to peril how are we as humans to withstand an unlikely series of humans suddenly falling dead whilst walking down the sidewalk?

Maybe it’s nature trying to tell us something or then again maybe it’s just a series of unrelated but nevertheless compelling events.



  1. I looked at a US geological survey of magnetic anomolies in arkansas- the areas where the large fish kills and bird kills took place shows an extreme variance in magnetic intensity . many migritory birds use the earths magnetic field to naviagate by. that aera recently has had hundreds of small earthquakes…. it is entirely possible that a large magnetic event took place that completly disoriented the birds navigation system driving some straight into the ground and others to points north and south. the fish kill was in that same general area. it is a known fact that before earth quakes take place that animals and birds can sense it… this area is not far from the midrid fault system that scientist have been watching recently.

  2. 100,000 drum fish…that’s One Hundred Thousand Drum Fish found dead in the Arkansas River, which I’m sure is just an approximation of the overall size. More like EVERY Drum Fish in that River is now dead. And Red-Winged Blackbird habitats are wetlands and marshes. They’re not city chickens like pigeons, so being allegedly frightened by fireworks is a crock of something that’s being covered up. 5,000 dead Red-Winged Blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas (not far from Little Rock) and over 500 so far found along a quarter mile stretch of highway in Point Coupee Parish near Baton Rouge in Louisiana. That’s quite a difference in hundreds of miles between those two areas. And how many hundreds of thousands of birds and fish are dead between those hundreds of miles? The Arkansas River flows into the Mississippi River, and if it’s something that was dumped in the Arkansas River and traveled that fast along the Mississippi River, then I’m screwed because New Orleans gets it’s drinking water from the Mississippi. Birds are more sensitive to gasses than other animals e.g. canary in mines, parakeets and Teflon cooking pans. Toxic waste in the Rivers? Radio waves from HAARP? Gas leaks from the New Madrid Fault? Maybe Chemtrails? Or the flight path of Arkansas Razorback fans heading to the Sugar Bowl, what it is or where it’s coming from, I doubt very seriously it was bottle rockets from New Years Eve.

  3. Considering that you have 2 events that killed a multitude of aone particular species, you do not find this strange? Anyone seeing these events (who are seeking truth) has to see that these events are no doubt connected. How about –

    ELF Wave or HAARP technology???

    http://www.stephen-knapp.com/frequencies_that_can_kill.htm (talks about ELF waves)
    In the 10th paragraph you will find in Oregon where there were wide-spread cattle dealths in 1970 attributed to ELF waves.

    If you do not think they have perfected this technology by now you can either see the truth or you can choose to stay in the dark…

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