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Now dead birds are falling out of Louisiana.


Is this just another coincidence or is there a connection?

new conspiracy theories-

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Yesterday we published a report that documented upwards of 4000 red winged blackbirds  falling out of the sky to their death in Arkansas over the new years weekend along with 83 000 river fish drowning. Today strangely we find ourselves writing another report about the same thing- but this time in the near by state Louisiana. Which has us and a lot of other people scratching their head- ‘what the heck is going on!?’

huffpo : Around 500 dead birds have fallen from the sky in Louisiana, found scattered along a quarter-mile portion of highway in Point Coupee Parish, the AP reports. The discovery is approximately 300 miles south of Beebe, Arkansas, where just days earlier thousands of the same species of birds also fell from the sky.

Initial tests conducted by biologists on the red-winged blackbirds and starlings found in Arkansas revealed that the birds suffered internal injuries that formed deadly blood clots. Countless explanations have been speculated, from intense high-altitude weather like lightning or hail to disturbance from fireworks. Disease and poison were determined to be far less likely causes, though full test results won’t rule them out until next week.

That all sounds interesting and scientific, but may we remind you, birds have been flying our skies since the dawn of time and rarely have you heard reports of large quantities of birds just dropping to their death. Which leads one to wonder is there some fundamental shift in our ecology going on or is this just too much of a series of fluke random events? And how long before us humans start dropping out of the sidewalks?

The latest occurrence of more dead birds turning up in Louisiana only compounds local residents’ worries, as in the week prior to the Arkansas blackbird mystery, 83,000 dead drum fish washed up along a river about 100 miles west of Beebe. Wildlife officials claim the incidents are not related.

Related or not, what will authorities be telling us the day human beings start falling down in the streets of Arkansas and Louisiana? Let’s hope it never comes to that, because if it ever did who knows what we ought to think then….

 What caused 4000 red winged blackbirds to plummet to their death?



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