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The lynching of American media and Keith Olbermann.


he may have been abruptly informed that he was history, perhaps even during last night’s show. That would also square with the experience of Josh Marshall, who was actually on Olbermann last night and had no sense that anything was amiss.

At least the reporter is nearly brave enough to suggest that being anything but accommodating for the powers that be ultimately see your proverbial backside escorted out onto the curb. But the use of the words – the separation was ‘mutual’ even had the chipmunks that we like to keep safe and warm under the bed covers and hibernating for the balance of winter wheezing for infallibility.

Then there’s fox’s reaction to the fiasco (how could one not be curious how Fox reacts to its major foe and bed time partner finally being undermined for good?)

fox MSNBC issued a statement that it had ended its contract with the controversial host, with no further explanation. Olbermann hosted the network’s most popular show, but his combative liberal opinions often made him a target of critics.

Olbermann did not explain why he was leaving.

“MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors,” the network said.

What makes this article particularly amusing is that it fails to mention that Mr Olbermann was often a target of that very journal- FOX, but choosing to remain impartial this one time is beyond laughable. At least one could argue the bosses and peons at FOX have the good decency to snicker in silence, but one suspects as media hounds even they are somewhat disconcerted by the fact that a journalist has effectively been ousted out because he ran afoul with management- which should concern every legitimate journalist no matter their political leanings or what they like to carry to school in their lunch boxes.

Now it’s time to have a look at Gawker, the hustlers of cheap vitriol and highly sensational stories that would make any aspiring celebrity or editor gush in awe.The comment section at gawker can always be a good guide as to how the children of the valley feel about the(ir) emperor wandering the streets with no clothes on. Although one should bear in mind, it has always been Gawker’s policy to moderate their commentators so as to make sure their comments closely align to their own vision of utopia – which should also be disconcerting to those of us who feel even if those of us who disagree with our thoughts and opinions should still if we are to abide by the constitution and the purported freedoms of this nation that one should still be free to voice their opinions, no matter how objectionable. Nevertheless – a few choice reactions from the gawker cheering squad team should let us know how Gawker and its children feel about this fiasco and assault on media:

Some choice reactions that we picked out:

  • johnny

    will keith return to TV? I hope so.

  • spec 4 will

    fox news had Beck with a chain saw and a live rabbit and he’s STILL on TV????? WOW, Keith PLEASE come back.

  • bill II

    Keith was the only one I ever watched. Hey,Paul Ryan maybe you can get one of those phony Vouchers to shop around for some MEDICARE,what ‘d say .

  • Miss you Keith bc you asked questions to power!

    I started watching Jerry Nachman, Hardball, and Donahue back then because they were the ONLY station & (jouralists) aside from a quiet few in print media and ALL KINDS OF VOICES FROM Great Britain & Canada that were asking questions. While Faux and CNN posted banners (like March to War – (so did MSNBC) but at least they were arguing about the merits and predicted what would become QUAGMIRE 2 – the revisiting of War.

    No WMD, No legitimate rationale for invading, LIES and more LIES from Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Bush all so they could complete what they lobbied Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr from day one…. over throw of Saddam.

    Imagine what we could have spent those 2 Trillion on? Oh that’s right – we borrowed it all on China’s – U.S. Credit line How spectacular. Friends, bothers, fathers, and sons along with daughters, mothers, and grandchildren all used as pawns so CEO’s and companies can WAR PROFITEER.

    Please Faux Noise you won’t you ever be patriotic enough to call out the evil do’ers right here at home? Pretty please?

  • Out Left In San Francisco

    Great Article.

    Keith from day one – advocated strongly for the powerless without a voice: immigrants­, gays, veterans, the disenfranc­hised from healthcare­, social security recipient, medicare recipients­…

    Keiths warmth and humor touched us as humans, his wonderful vocabulary respected our intelligen­ce (yes I needed to look up words on occasion). I would much rather be spoken to in language that is never dumbed down.


    Propaganda won the day Keith left MSNBC; now we are moving toward a RIGHT WING IDIOTOCRACY! – no referee, no one to directly cross swords and call out the lies by citing fact.

  • Johnnie

    The first 2 letters of program stand for Micro Soft, one of the Wall Street wellfare bums who are not too proud to accept the people’s hard earned tax money. Then kill their livelyhood by shipping their jobs to 3rd world countries who do their dirty work for peanuts. the people of America should wake up and boycott these bastards by not buying their products. The governmet should tax the crap out of them untill they get enough and go to to those countries to live, just where they belong. But I guess that won’t happen, because the stupid republicans will support their destruction of the people, and lie about it to the poor stupid people who are stupid enough to keep voting these criminals back into office. the United States Of America will be a pile of rubble inside of 20 years because of these greedy bastard. This will only be averted if the people wake up vote against republican greed.

  • I’m hoping to matriculate from junior college soon- see above comment 7

    The Author and Editor.

  • Jim

    The author of this blog really needs to learn how to write comprehensibly. Sheesh! I was interested in the topic, but this is little more than unintelligible blather.

  • Rikirenee

    Keith Olberman might have been biased but he never lied. He backed his words woth facts. Why is it ok that we be subject to people like Beck & Limbaugh but K O is a blowhard. Might I mention that he brought awareness to the health care issue & help get several free clinics in different states he was more than a journalist. He cared and tried to make a difference for the common people not for the Corporations now the corps are shutting a voice down that stood for the common people Let’s see who else they shut down next. You, me, we will see.

  • bill

    keith will be missed.now all we have is Beck and his high school diploma.

  • Random Reader

    Two things. I don’t write comments that often, so I apologize for following what I understood to be standard protocol which is to imply that the author of the post is stupid and attack his English skills while at the same time conducting a master class on how to shit all over the English language.

    Secondly, Schmaengell, let us suppose what you say is correct ( debating the particulars will go nowhere) and KO’s leaves were necessary to deal with his father. Having a father who is currently deteriorating into paralysis with sudden onset parkinson’s going into cancer related surgery next week, perhaps I should be more compassionate and allow that under the circumstances, unwinding at a baseball game is not the worst thing to do in the middle of what must have been a period of great anguish for KO.

    Did the training / brainwashing I received in the GOP lab from Sean Hannity himself make any of the other behaviors I have suggested less clownish or any more appropriate for a professional journalist ?

  • schmangell

    Nice distortion, Random Reader.

    And criticizing someone who was, in fact, on a leave of absence to tend to his father who was very ill indeed (and died, btw) is beyond reprehensible. We all need to unwind sometimes. Perhaps you’ve never had to care for someone with a long-term terminal illness or are just an uncaring prick. But that comment is way out of bounds.

    You’ve been well trained/brainwashed in fox newspeak. Well done.

  • My hat to you random reader- the author. Hopefully myself and my fellow journalists get round to matriculating from senior college next fall…it’s obvious we have so much to learn…

  • Random Reader

    To describe Gawker as hustlers of cheap vitriol while referring to Keith Olbermann as a journalist demonstrates that the author had to forego learning the definitions of words like “context”, “objectivity”, “journalist”, “vitriol”, and “lynching” because he waited until the last minute to cram for his junior college remedial English exam.

    The author is right, however, in suggesting that Journalists ought to be concerned and will find it valuable to observe the situation closely if only to learn to avoid the following bad habits:

    Challenging your immediate superiors by saying that you wield more power in the organization than they do while indicating your contempt for them and the institution they represent and the company you work for.

    Making sure that none of your guests ever disagree with you and making sure to squelch out any remaining suspicion of objectivity by banning anyone who disagrees with you or dares to offer a differing opinion from communicating with you on twitter.

    Referring to figures in the public eye as Nazis, fascists, racists, and hypocrites while accusing those same public figures of cheapening the Holocaust when they use world war II terminology to describe regimes that have and do, in fact, engage in mass murder and maintain concentration camps.

    Taking a broadcast day off to go to a ball game and then saying that attending to your ailing father was what prevented you from keeping a normal work schedule.

    Demonstrating your priorities by consistently reminding your audience that what another media outlet with a far larger audience is an issue of earth shattering importance especially when it concerns the content being aired on that network during the time slot in which you happen to compete without the self-realization that you might seem petty.

    Doing all of the above while lamenting the uncivil tone of our national dialog without explaining how suggestions that people kill themselves and name calling are, in fact, part of your well-thought out campaign to reintroduce civility.

    Criticizing fellow network journalists while they are on the air without offering a meaningful argument as to why they are wrong and why your behavior is justified.

    Reading out loud from the works of a comic author as a regular part of a news broadcast because your task as a journalist who informs his audience by drawing attention to significant news of the day is not as important as reading humorous fiction aloud.

  • rdrover

    Wingers and TeaBaggers never give up whining about KO and the other intellectuals in the MSNBC stable, do they? Sure looks like Faux News’s Blog Squad found this site right off!! Al and Al2 indeed!

  • I read in Mediate it was office politics as GBShaw’s Eliza Doolittle would say that done him in.
    I will miss him. I’m currently reading his “Truth and Consequences” He writes like he talks.
    He does sound pompous, a blowhard but he’s passionate, caring, intelligent.
    How people feel regarding his opinions depend on their politics. I bet Al and Al2 are rightwing.

  • Al2

    Olbermann is a blowhard. I’d say good riddance too, but I know he will be back.

  • Al

    Good riddance, far as I’m concerned. The guy was an opinionated blowhard who was usually on the wrong side of the issue. Maybe he’ll land in some backwater tv station where he belongs.

  • NotoriousRambo

    I like watching Keith’s show it is very informative and is very straight forward unlike Fox News which many of you foolishly watch even though you know you are being lied to makes me think of the war in Iraq a war started basically on lies and was proven so yet we continue to fight there JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

    I respect Keith’s journalism so much that I got hooked onto his show i was flipping through the channels a year and a half ago seeing what all the major news networks are talking about off course Fox news just made me switch the channel right away then same thing happened with CNN but not as swift as fox I then turned to MSNBC watched the whole episode of “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” and was immediately hooked not only can I see the true sense of journalism from this guy I can also see what he was bringing to the show was the Truth something foxnews is the opposite of.

    I am very disappointed with Keith’s decision cause hes one of the last few real journalists around that will tell it like it is much less so with Jon Stewart who although chooses the satirical route with his show yet he tell you the news without covering up the truth like foxnews yes foxnews. One thing that comes to mind that may be the reason for his sudden unfortunate departure might be the Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting and the not surprising post response from our very patriotic politicians. I couldn’t be more disgusted when Sarah Palin and the likes thereof acted like they had no accountability for what happened even though she proudly used terms like RELOAD! I can see why Keith might not want to be any part of such a corrupt and atrocious system of government where blame is passed onto each other instead of claiming accountability like Keith did and surprisingly John McCain. Although they are not directly responsible for the Arizona shooting they stood up and said something out of their hearts instead of their behinds like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh have been doing.

    I wish Keith all the best kind of like how i did the same with Dan Rather who was also a journalist I had huge respects for its a shame how we just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss where the truth is very hard to come by its all up to Jon Stewart Now.