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Man charged with necrophilia and abuse of corpse


Would you make love to a dead person?

Here’s a story that should make the thrill seekers among you squirm. Or maybe not…

According to police files, 55 year old Richard Elwood Sanden of Washington, Indiana was having sex with 48 year old Rebecca Whitehead, whom according to Mr Sanden he met through a phone dating service when he suddenly noticed she was no longer alive. An odd and shocking coincidence one might argue, except videos that Mr Sanden had installed (of course) to capture the romantic interlude depict Mr Sanden continuing his romp even after he realized his ‘date’ was no longer alive. Blushing? Of course you are…

myfoxOn Saturday night, paramedics were called to his apartment and tried unsuccessfully to revive Whitehead. Sanden reportedly told investigators that while he and Whitehead were having sex, he suddenly noticed she wasn’t breathing and tried to give her CPR.

Which has us wondering what did he try to give her before the CPR? 

Police arrested Sanden on marijuana charges that night, but after viewing evidence from a videocamera hidden in another room, upgraded the charges on Tuesday to include necrophilia and mutilating a corpse.

Mutilating a corpse? Can one mutilate a corpse when they are applying CPR? Or maybe what the police perceive as mutilating was just Mr Sandem trying to revive the victim, in his ow very special way of course…

Other tapes were also recovered from the apartment, according to the paper, which Sanden allegedly said were of other women from the phone dateline.

We’ll let you fantasize imagine what lies on those tapes. Assuming you’re predisposed to such thoughts…

The newspaper says Sanden previously had assault charges brought against him by a former girlfriend, but those charges were later dropped.

Dropped, because uhm maybe she was still alive at the time?